Friday, June 12, 2015

Words and Images for the Spring from Joan McNerney and Angelee Deodhar

Now that I am back from a reviving trip to Boston, I'd like to post a few more poems by Joan McNerney.  However, this time these poems are part of a visual collaboration by poet, editor, and visual artist Angelee Deodhar.  Enjoy!

This last poem ("Lost Dream") has also appeared in Black Poppy Review.

As part of my trip to Boston, I spent time with Tamara Safford (whose exhibit you may's here:, and so of course she showed me not only her work but also the work of other artists she admires.  We even went to the Museum of Fine Arts where we saw the Hokusai exhibit.  A small part of the exhibit was Hokusai's responses to literature.  Angelee's creations continue in this vein, albeit also in a more modern, technological way.

I am going to add Angelee's illustration of her own haiku.  Her work has been widely published and recognized.  I hope to be able to include more at The Song Is....

I also want to include two of her interpretations of my own poems that were published in Black Poppy Review.  The photograph in the second visual below is by Mary Judkins, an artist from Ball Ground, Georgia.

I will close this evening with some music by Ornette Coleman who died very recently.  Rest in peace.

Here is a video of his "Peace," which has been turned into a tribute to him:

He recorded a few songs with poet or poetry in the title.  Here is his "Voice Poetry" from the 1970s:

"Relation of the Poet to Day Dreaming" is an earlier piece:

I'll finish with a link to his remarkable album The Shape of Jazz to Come:


  1. This is just amazing Angelee, Joan and Marianne! This collection is truly and artistic experience. Wow! I am so impressed. Congratulations all of you.


  2. Yes, Congratulations to all of you. It really is amazing.
    I just downloaded Angelee's haiku and my husband made it into a little book for me to carry in my purse.

    Best wishes to all of you.

  3. Nice work from Joan, Angelee and by you!! (I know of Joan's work from Poetry Explosion Newsletter (The PEN) and my journal, and have read Angelee's work on whispers, The Heron's Nest, and I believe Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine, if not other places as well...

  4. lovely, my friends!