Friday, June 5, 2015

Poems by David Fox

This evening I'd like to post a few poems by David Fox, the editor of The Poet's Art (a print magazine) and an active member of the Whispers community.  His first poem is very timely for me as Rockville, like many other areas, has been experiencing quite a bit of rain.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun this evening.  However, "Creating" reminds us how inspiring a rainy day can be.  David's other poems celebrate spring.


In a cozy café
of soft repose
I write a harmony
of original and
aesthetic masterpieces
in rhythm with the rain.

Spring Fling
Birds return from their winter's vacation
Red robins return to their nest
Canaries sing a merry tune
Bluebirds are feeding their young
The snow melts
The flowers bloom
Spring has returned

Spring, My Poetic Season
I can get a tan
Or take a refreshing dip in the water in summer,
Look at the different colored leaves in autumn,
Going sledding, making snowmen,
And throwing snowballs are fun in winter.

But spring is best...
rabbits romping in the field, canaries chirping,
seeing all different kinds of flowers,
so many great images -- this poet's best season!

Seasonal Cycles
Spring is the season when
The birds and flowers return,
Animals come out of hibernation
Then summer comes with its heat
Some people retreat to the ocean or pool
While others take the opportunity to do yard work
Autumn comes along
And changes the colors of the leaves
To yellow, gold and crimson,
While some remain green
As the leaves change
They drift slowly to the ground
Then winter comes
Chilly winter is upon us
And alabaster snowflakes
Eventually kiss the ground
Sorrowfully freezing most
Of nature's goodness.
But then spring returns,
New flowers will appear,
And everything smart enough
To hibernate will come out from their hiding places
A life starts again.

David Fox is an editor of the print magazine "The Poet's Art", the address listed in Poet's Market or available via e-mail, though he prefers all submissions by "snail mail".  He has had several poems off and on the web including "Aphelion", "Bell's Letters, "Ceremony",  "Creative Inspirations""", Inspiration Peak", "The Jokester", "Laughter Loaf", "Pancakes In Heaven", "The Pink Chameleon", "Poem Train", "Poetic Skies", "The Shine Journal" and "WestWard Quarterly" and articles on "Working Writer"

I'll finish with some songs that evoke spring.

I haven't included many songs by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, so here is their "Up Jumped Spring":

Here is Clifford Brown and Max Roach's version of "Joy Spring":

Jazz guitarist Achim Kohl wrote "Birds of Spring," a title that complements David's poems:

The Bill Evans Trio performs "Spring Is Here."

I'll finish with "You Must Believe in Spring" as performed by Michel Legrand and the Phil Woods Quartet:

It's hard to get enough of spring!


  1. Dear David,

    Congratulations on your publication at Marianne's beautiful online journal! I enjoyed reading your poetry today. Wishing you continued success with your writing, my friend.


  2. congratulations on your wonderful work , blessings... wishing you much success

  3. Karen, Angela and Ritamarie
    Thank you all for your comments. Ritamarie, I have had been very lucky to have been in over 100 places, in thhe U.S.., Canada, India, Finland, and the United Arab Emirates, all in English. (would have included them all, but didn't want to print the out of print ones.) Have you been published before? E-mail me at and let me know.
    David Fox