Monday, June 15, 2015

For Mothers, Fathers, and Jerry A. Scuderi

Mother's Day, I am afraid, caught me by surprise this year, but it's not too late to post Jerry A. Scuderi's poems for mothers *and* fathers.

. . . of hero's and angels ­ a conversation

You appeared to me when I was low ; then carried me away from woe.
You shielded me from certain death ; swept me away ; brought me to rest.

I went in for you; I needed to . Brought you from harm ; that's what I do .
With you in peril ; I would not flee . I could do no other ; don't you see ?

Thoughts of you elate me so , man of strength, my hero .
I feel no sense of your pride ; for you I'd come again or die .

You appeared to me above my bed ; with glowing hair, you rest my head .
No thrust of pain goes through my mind ; in sight of you, Beauty Kind .

I care and comfort ; it’s what I am . You're in my trust, distraught lamb.
I'm not a vision of loveliness ; I work and smile and tend distress .

You've come in time of my need ; with love, concern, how you've helped me .
I’ve found "a vision of loveliness" ; to quiet, to calm, to sooth my stress .

Jerry A. Scuderi
November 20, 2012

A Sonnet for Mom

 Mom, know you are a part of me.

To you I smiled and blinked my eyes;

I’d crawl, then walk, then reach the sky.

You fed and bounced me on your knee;

and molded me to find life’s glee.

My floured hand created pies.

I’ll think of you through life’s good byes.

You showed me how love’s life’s key;

and channeled me through right and wrongs.

You taught me how to hear life’s songs.

The day’s to come when you’re not here;

show me how to grin in pain.

The years will flow as will my tears;

your Way will bring me you again.

I   AM

I made you child to be with Me.

I form all things, small and wide.

Come follow Me and leave good-byes.

I want for you, a life’s that’s free.

I brought for you, curiosity.

Respect and honor; hold this tie.

Others prowl, deceive, and lie.

Be just and kind, see love’s the key.

Show the way, Glare of Light.

Shine for me in dark of night.

Though skies are black, all things will pass.

Don’t fear, My child, you’re not alone.

When time itself has seen it’s last.

I’d come for you; I’d brought you home.

Royal Child

Come forth child ; and call My name.

Search for Me in shine and rain .

I made you once , from dust and ash :

to jump and play , to romp and dash .

For you I made the earth and sky .

Come fill My arms ; in Me abide .

You light My world with bright eyed glee .

Choose My way ; I guide and free .

Show My way to all that care ;

extend My hand that I’ll be there .

With smile and touch and warm embrace

Think of Me ; when life you face .

Don’t wrench My heart ; don’t go astray .

Nothing’s there , just smoke and fray .

In fright and loss , to Me come flee .

I’ll tuck you in e ter’ ni ty .

My fridge awaits ; so come and eat .

On ice­box find . . . your face so sweet .

This poem, I believe, is a reprint.

Mama’s Keys

Play for us your old songs, Mama ;
babes babble at your knees .
Ne’er a thought of youthful long ;
pound rhythm from those keys .

Raise for us a smile for life ;
your beauty shines of youth .
Gone are carefree primping nights ;
drinking sodas in a booth .

Infuse in us your children ;
courage to face the day .
Character you’re buildin’ ;
boogie runs weariness away .

Bang your swing of long ago ;
emit firmness of purpose .
With sailing comes a time to row ;
we’ll clear life’s abyss .

Your piano here sits all alone ;
so quiet are the keys .
I’ll remember lessons shown ;
to children , friends , and me .

Sleep Babe

Spider Tops and Lolly Pops
among dark foreboding shapes ,
Bump and Clicks and Hopping Bops
lurk on the window drapes .

Spider Tops and Lolly Pops ,
is anyone there ?
Rookie Cops seek Curley Tops ;
find moose , badger , bear .

With eddy legs the Lolly begs
down grass centered lanes .
Dowdy kits with spindle legs
play bold and daring games .

Rest my head ; put me to bed
under down of pleading goose .
I slip to sleep , lost my dreads .
Spring of youth is loosed .

Find your Tops and Lolly Pops
my dimmed , tucked , and kissed .
Lay your head , melt into bed .
So gone from mom and missed

I'll finish up with a little music.  Thelonious Monk's "Boo Boo's Birthday" comes to mind first:

This version of "Like Father, Like Son" was recorded in Indonesia.  Young Joey Alexander is on the piano.

The Bill Evans Trio plays "Mother of Earl":


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