Monday, June 29, 2015

Vote In Mourning and Memory

Since Rita May Recine's poems concluded the In Mourning and Memory contest, I would like to post information about voting.

Any one may vote, but send me your vote via Facebook email or .  Please vote for one poem, especially if the author has more than one poem.  In addition, you may vote only once. There will be a prize.  Since we have both political and apolitical work, we may have two winners.

I encourage you to ask your friends and family to vote!

Voting will end on July 15.

The eligible poems are below:

The contest began with Quaker poet Martin Willits, Jr.'s "Epistle on Healing":

Ed Schelb contributed several poems here:

Catfish McDaris' flash fiction "Sweet Jesus" and poem "Beware of PoPo" are here:

See the link below for his "Elizabeth," "Animal Crackers," "17 Cents a Year," and "700 People Dancing Somewhere":

Amber Smithers contributed two poems "A Lullaby to My Son" and "Angry Black Woman":

Joan McNerney's "For the Mothers" is here:

See the link below for Jerry A. Scuderi's "Do You Recognize Him?", "Broken Then Crumbled," "Tiny Hands," and "Love and Justice":

Jerry's "Men in Blue" is here:

Kavon Ward contributed "I Am Michael Brown," our first spoken word piece:

Charles Clifford Brown III provided another perspective on mourning and memory with "Promise to Momma" and "For Dad":

David Pointer shifted the contest in a new direction with "Beyond Eugenics Laws":

Bea Garth draws our attention to her nephew Robert here:

Avis D. Matthews remembers a visit to her young aunt with "Chicago, 1971, for my aunt DeWana":

Doug Mathewson contributed "Which Goodbye," "Sequenced Dreams," and "Woman's Way":

Miss Kiane refocused us with "Grass Don't Grow in the Ghetto" and "In Route to Metro":

Her "Tribute to Maya" is here:

Gary Malone added his "Young, Black, and Unarmed":

Here is Regina A. Walker's "Musings":

Mary Jo Balistreri contributed "Star Light, Star Bright" and "Stained Glass":

Rita Marie Recine concluded the contest with "Tears for a Nation," "For My Father," "Heaven Must Be Rocking Out Tonight," and "A Salute to BB King -- Remembering 16":

Finally, here is some voting music for you:

I haven't posted any Jimmy Smith yet, so here is his "Sermon":

Here is Art Blakey and the Messengers' "I Remember Clifford":

Remember to vote!

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  1. My vote is for Catfish McDaris' poem, "Beware of PoPo"