Thursday, June 18, 2015

Martin Willits, Jr., Janis Joplin, and Little Girl Blue

Since I've been getting ready to post Martin Willits, Jr.'s poem, Janis' music has been going through my head.  I wonder which songs I am going to choose!

Janis Joplin
            Listening to Little Girl Blue


She has been counting her blessings
and she had run out of fingers
still the blues fall as raindrops
she does not know where the troubles
begin or end but somewhere they do

her happiness is a little girl
in blue rain from the sky’s blues guitar
although she has no reason to go on
she strands the raindrops into necklaces
of blessings

and she is dancing on feelings
like a ballerina she will never be
and although the rain burns
blessing are what she counts on best.


I met her in the coffee house circuit
blue jeans with holy knees
a yellow buttercup out of place
singing Robert Johnson
like he was inside her and could not get out

I said
girl you got the torch and singe
all you need is some Big Mama Thornton
in the Summer Time
when living ain’t easy

she was tearing notes
like they were dandelions
he loves me he loves me not.

Let's start with "Little Girl Blue":

I'm also going to include a live version from Toronto:

Here is a live version of her "Maybe":

This "Summertime" is live as well:

And, of course, we'll finish with her "Hesitation Blues":


  1. Thanks Marianne for this day of sunshine on a blue day for me! Appreciated

  2. Do you have a contact email for submissions? I'm at

  3. I like this little girl blue instead to little boy blue. Janis Joplin was a dynamite singer and that's for very sure. Thanks for this poetic reminder.