Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Pictures from an Alternative 1990s

  The pictures below were done with Leonardo.AI. I just typed in the prompt, and this is what I got.

In this picture he looks more fiftyish. If I knew how, I would put some gray into his hair. Even my father had gray hairs when he was in his fifties. Considering when and if Lennon quit smoking, I wonder what his voice would have sounded like had he made it to fiftysomething. I suspect that he wouldn't have been able to hit the high notes, even the ones he could hit at 40.

I want to include a few more alt-1990s figures here. First we have Madonna with her good friend Len Bias who plays for the Knicks. (In this timeline, Red Auerbach left the Celtics for the Knicks.)

Here Larry Bird signs his final contract with the Indiana Pacers.

Here we see Fr. Jim McGuinn of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Back in the 1970s Mike Nesmith and Linda Ronstadt got married, and this is their daughter Mary in 1991.

I'll finish off with a picture of Lennon with Sinead O'Connor. I do wonder what he would have made of her.