Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Two by Amber Smithers


While the voting for the In Mourning and Memory contest continues (have you voted yet?), I'd like to post some new poems by Amber Smithers.

         I use to want to be a siren.

         Bringing men to their knees.
         I wanted to be Mother Nature,
         Giving men a high they could not deny.
         I thought I could be Eve.
         Made by Adam's rib,
         Making him do anything I willed.
         Now I wish to be me.
         Not just a complex,
         Trying to find adoration in his eyes.
          But  a woman with a mind.
         -Amber Smithers

Loving you is suicide, 
But I am willing to kick the stool.
Put the barrel to my lips,
Allow you to blow me away.
Have you swallow all of me.
I'm aware that this is the end,
But I would have it no other way.
Dying by your hands..

-Amber Smithers

Amber's first poem reminds me of a song or perhaps a line from a song by Joni Mitchell: "Woman of Heart and Mind."  Minnie Riperton covered this song, which then appeared on an album released after her death:

Joni Mitchell sings "A Case of You" here:

I also want to include two songs by Amy Winehouse.  The first is "Tears Dry On Their Own":

The other is "Love is a Losing Game":

I'll finish with a link to information on how to vote in the Mourning and Memory contest:

P.S.  For more information about the spring/summer contests, see this link.  I would be very happy to receive more poems and flash fiction about women in music (such as Minnie Riperton, Joni Mitchell, or Amy Winehouse) or swing music:

1 comment:

  1. truly beautiful poetry
    i can relate to the first one.. trying to be a people pleaser
    yet the best way to be is yourself
    love it
    nice work from amber smithers, continue on your wonderful journey amber smithers.... you wirte beautifully...i enjoyed reading your poetry.. magical. wishing you much success

    ritamarie recine