Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Painting Poems by Joan McNerney

Tomorrow my husband and I are going to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, so I thought that this would be a great evening to post more of Joan McNerney's painting poems.  Enjoy!  The painting above is not the panel at the Museum of Modern Art, but I prefer the picture above.  The panels are below, giving you an idea of their sweep, perhaps too much.  On the other hand, Joan's poem provides a better idea of what it is like to view the panels in person!

Claude Monet

Water lilies

Become a swan,
glide upon
patches of water lilies,
nibbling smooth, white petals.

Drift among shades
of green and blue
through grassy marshes...
pass pink, yellow, azure.

Be a crystal swan,
float upon water reeds
that rub your feathered
neck like a Buddha stroke.

Circa 1914-26 Museum of Modern Art (NYC)

Joan McNerney

Marc Chagall


She:             "Which is the loveliest flower,
the pink, yellow or white?

He:               "You, my dearest posy, are
most tender blossom of
them all."

She:             "Sweet bud, blow me a kiss."

He:               "You make me feel as if I
could fly."

They:            "Our love has given us wings.
Come, let us soar into the sunset

1915 (Museum of Modern Art, NYC)

Joan McNerney

And by a Woman!!!

Loren MacIver

Morning Cart

Hush, it is morning---
time for milk, fresh
peaches, sweet eggs.

Soft we move this
morning cart in
stillest blue air
for those who rise

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Joan McNerney

I'm glad that Joan included her response to a painting by a woman.  I'll post some performances by women, starting with Mary Lou Williams who is most known for her Zodiac Suite.

Right now we are under the sign of Leo:

Here is her "Ode to St. Cecile."

As a change of pace, here is Marian McPartland's "Melancholy Mood":

Hazel Scott's "Autumn Leaves" is for those of you who are tired of the summer heat and humidity:

Ms. Scott was also a classical pianist.  Here she performs Liszt for service members in WWII.  

I hope that these performances inspire you to write something for the women in music contest that ends July 31.

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  1. Dear Joan,

    Congratulations on this beautiful publication! I see that you are a talented painter too. Best wishes with all your artistic endeavors.