Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Music

Although the spring/summer contests continue until the end of the month, I would like to post some new poems in the summer music contest.  The first set are from Slovenian poet Dmitrij Skrk (and are translated by Djurda Vukelic-Rozic.


You, a tiny bird
talk to me
about touching the sky
and warm sun
high there,
about flying
in a borderless
dream -
talk to me

Your song
sounds merrily
in this deaf summer

my tiny bird
do you hear my song ?


Amazing colours,
spilled to serenity
of a summer evening,
colouring within me
your shadow.
And this swinging music
from the terrace
sows the seeds
to my fissured melancholy,
so there
passion and love
would sprout again.

Hesitant we slide
to a mystical night.

The second set of poems is by Joy Anne O'Donnell, a Pennsylvania poet.

The Flute

Music plays in the gentle breeze
blowing all the trees
the flowers 
sing with rain showers
I see the tulips standing proud
singing as the flute plays 
their favorite color
their summertime glamour.

Would you like to go to the beach or to the woods next?

The Sea

The sea
is a plea
for us to pray
for a relaxing day
to see the sand
to walk the land
to swim with waves of such powers hand
filling us with revival
bringing us survival
the sea 
a pearl

glowing colors sparkling swirl.

Log Cabin

In this precious vacation
built log by log 
tree by wind and sun
Its a getaway
to be by nature
in the woods of fresh air
the mountains swift grandeur
of so much good
fishing and feeling like we should
this masterpiece 
of dignified ancient time
charming mountains rhyme.

I'm not sure who the flutist is, but the song is "Sketches of Spain," and the group is Chick Corea's.

Frank Wess recorded with Dorothy Ashby, but here he plays "Monday Stroll" with another group of musicians including Kenny Burrell.  This recording is from 1957.

Here he performs with her on "Alone Together," a recording from 1958:

I'll finish with their "Dancing in the Dark," a later recording.


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