Monday, July 6, 2015

Three More with David Pointer

David Pointer joins the women in music contest with this first poem.  The picture above is of Pussy Riot.  I couldn't find a public domain picture of them with instruments.

Covert: Major Summons

The female fronted bio-punk band was
like an uninsured motorist, plunging,
plowing through the crowd issuing
all citations from the stage in asbestos
boots and pink gas masks/stun guns
propped up, toppling elevator music
storming onto vinyl, CD, and MP3
behind explosion proof microphones
straining to distribute melodic throat
choked vapor as molten vocal darts
from twin lead singers covering the

club as joint air-attack team justified

I thought it would be interesting to post Beiderbecke's grave instead of the same old picture of him.  However, you may want to see what he looked like.

Song War Scribbling

It was coffin-lid literature, but
not a song lyric, exhausted I
recalled an antique dealer had
sold a 1920’s microphone style
table lighter out from under me
as I imagined Bix Beiderbecke
dead at 28: breathless, spiritually
bruised and wanting to fire up a
tune about this old time jazz biz
trumpet player that would have
a modern day flapper outspinning
the band, floating on new sound
high-heel torque, and ¾ time….

I can't believe how difficult it was to find a public-domain image of someone watching the Vietnam War on TV!!

When I Was Young: 1967 Cut

Eric Burdon and the Animals
were underdog ambassadors
I’d been waiting for to combat
excessive parental guidance…
floating over every idea of fun
like a fire extinguisher sent to
preserve international disorder
and war wearing Velcro smiles
big as variety show ventriloquists
telling us invaders were tourists,
never mentioning the nearly six
million napalmed civilians lost
behind the radio static and now

Here is a little music for you.  I'll start with Pussy Riot's song in memory and mourning for Eric Garner:

 I'm also adding some Bikini Kill here:

Since David mixed in Bix Beiderbecke, I'll include some of his songs.

I'll finish with the Animals:

This collection of music reminds me of the free form radio shows at WMFO in the 1980s.  I feel like I ought to include one video of the Grateful Dead:

Enjoy  -- and be sure to send your votes to!

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