Saturday, July 4, 2015

On the Fourth of July with Dogbelly and Elvis

Tonight, on this rainy Fourth of July, I am going to post Ed Schelb's graphic version of "Dogbelly Auditions for the Ghost of Elvis."  I know not every reader is from the US, but this poem is also a fun poem for a Saturday night.

And here is Ed's video version of this poem:

Did I post his video of "Quixote in Cowtown"?

Or "Bird Call Dance Hall"?

I'll finish with a few Elvis Presley songs.  First is "Return to Sender":

Next is "Little Sister":

Finally, Elvis sings "America the Beautiful":

Be sure to vote in the In Mourning and Memory contest!  Voting will be over on July 15.

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  1. congratulations fellow writers..... great work
    i am truly very happy for all
    i know that writing is a pleasure yet at times very demanding .. as a fellow writer i understand .
    for this i would like to congratulate you all for wining the contest and i would like to congratulate marianne for posting all your beutiful works of poetry
    as we say in italian Auguri, cheers to you all
    ritamarie recine