Saturday, November 5, 2016

The return of ayaz daryl nielsen

This first poem by ayaz daryl nielsen fits my evening so well even though it hasn't been raining.  My husband and I  have been spending the evening with our cats Callie and Thelma.

this evening
thinks of
light, drizzly 
spider web 
from a corner
of the ceiling
a web  
I could
yet, was 
here with 
a web
my grand-
mother knew. . .
so, just this,
cat, rain,
and web,
the poetry 
of an evening


Everything exists with an original rhythm
Snarks and the quarks even goodnight kisses,
The enactment of aeons and footfalls of ancients
Everything exists with an original rhythm
Sure, unhurried and filled with mystery,
Everything exists with an original rhythm
Snarks and the quarks even goodnight kisses.


Early morning and 
an august angel 
lingers in our garden 
speaks with the sparrows
blesses the carrot, pea, 
potato and tomato plants
shares laughter with
marauding bunnies
sees us at the window
and looks toward how 
we’re greening within 
our own growth
an understanding that
everything is the 
garden, the garden is 
everywhere and love 
is all the gardener 
needs to know 
even here, yes, 
here, within.

ayaz daryl nielsen was born in Valentine, Nebraska, attended schools in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Monterrey, Mexico, has lived in Bonn, Germany and now lives in Longmont, Colorado with beloved wife Judith.  A veteran, former hospice nurse, ex-roughneck (as on oil rigs), he has been editor of the print publication bear creek haiku for 25+ years and over 135 issues.  ayaz can be found online at bear creek haiku - poetry, poems and info.  His poetry, published worldwide, includes senryu chosen in 2010 and 2012 as "best of year" by the Irish Haiku Association, and, with other deeply appreciated honors, is especially delighted by the depth and quality of poets worldwide whose poems have found homes in bear creek haiku’s print and online presence.

I've been listening to a lot of Van Morrison lately.  I thought that his "In the Garden" would go with ayaz daryl's last poem:

I see a lot of versions of "Moondance," but here is a version of his song "I'll Be There," which I am not familiar with:

John Korba, Rob Paparozzi, and Bernard Purdie cover quite a few pop songs.  Here is their version of Hall and Oates' "Sara Smile":

OK, let's play Van Morrison's jazz version of "Moondance"!

Levi Barcourt and the New York Jazz Quartet play this version:


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed these pieces. The first poem grabbed my heart. My thanks for sharing this wonderful work!

    1. thank you, Ken, your kind words warm my heart. . .

  2. wow, this is loverly! what a fine work of art The song is, is . . .

  3. It's been such a long time to have been away and to be welcomed back with these poems of Daryl's--living in the now, filled with grace--the reception of everything around him a blessing to be acknowledged.
    Grateful tonight.

  4. Dear Ayaz very nicely done ,liked all the poems a lot,congratulations,best always angelee

    1. thank you, Angelee, appreciated deeply! and, you have a presence in the latest post from bear creek haiku online...

  5. I love these....especially the first Van, thanks for the clips.

    1. as always, our very best to you, Peggy- thank you yet again!

    2. Always good to meet another fan of Van Morrison's, Peggy :) Hope you will consider sending work to The Song Is...