Friday, February 20, 2015

At for the fall contests!

Starting Feb. 21 and continuing to March 7, you will be able to vote for your favorite poem or flash fiction in one to four categories -- and your favorite visuals.  Each person may vote once in each category and in one method (email to thesongis at gmail dot com *or* Facebook).  Poets may vote, and they may promote their poems.  The same goes for writers of flash fiction.  Musicians may vote, too!  When you vote, though, be fair (and kind, if you comment).  Winners of the contest will be announced shortly after March 7.  And yes, there are prizes.

The categories are Thelma's Prize (all poems and flash fiction included as full text in the e-zine are eligible), Monk's Prize (poems in honor of Thelonious Monk , Clark's Prize (poems in honor of Gene Clark), and Poetry...Is Local (for poets within the DC metro or Maryland). Callie's Prize will be for artwork submitted to The Song Is...  (Note eligibility.)

Please vote for the poem, not the poet.  Many poets have several poems in the race.

Now, who shall win Thelma's Prize?

Felino A. Soriano for "Trio of incorporated interpretations": 

OR "Underneath" OR "Morning, this"

Martin Willits, Jr. for "The Elephant on the Keyboards":

OR"Ugly Beauty":

OR "Epistle on Healing":

Joan Dobbie for "Tripping with Ryan...":

Ethan Goffman for "Song of My Selfie":

Jerry A. Scuderi for "Autumn Glow" OR "Treble Goddess":

OR "Emerald Ridge in Spring"  OR "Fertile Ridge in Summer" OR "Abandoned Ridge in Autumn" OR "Barren Ridge in Winter":

OR "A Christmas Sonnet" OR "Why Come for Me?" OR "Mama's Keys" OR "At 96th and 2nd" OR "Crystal Ladies" OR "Calendar Cowboy":

OR "Do You Recognize Him?" OR "Broken Then Crumbled" OR "Tiny Hands" OR "Love and Justice":

OR the poems at Mourning and a Sense of Martyrdom (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5):

Allyson Lima for "After Mario Bencastro's Algo tiene el otoño":

Joan McNerney for"Monk" OR "Pablo Picasso Night Fishing at Antibes (1939)" OR "Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night (1889)" OR "On Viewing Buddha in the Museum":

A.J. Huffman for"Honey, You've Got to Slow Down" OR "Singing Without Words":

Pijush Kanti Deb for "A Devotee or a Beggar" OR "Your Cat and My Dog" OR "Two Languages" OR "A Poor Hand" OR "Though She Is My Best Friend"

OR "I Surrender to the Tradition" OR "To Read a Brand New Book" OR "The Rhino-Skin" OR "A Magnificent Painting" OR "Me and My Poorness" OR "A Scared Idea":

Adelaja Ridwan Olayiwola for "I Sing" OR "My Harmattan Song" OR "The Coin of Life"

Amber Smithers for "A Lullaby to My Son"

Prince Adewale Oreshade for "a bird in the sky for jennifer aduro" OR "olives and doves" (an acrostic for oliver onyibe" OR "send her to the north" (an acrostic for shade mary-ann olaoye):

Catfish McDaris for "Elephant Tusk Boogie" OR "Six Headed Dog":

Will Mayo for "Haunted by the Night" OR "The Sounds of the Night" OR "Window Shopping" OR "Phantasmagoria"

The other categories will follow but not on this entry.

However, here is some music for you.  Unfortunately, this won't be a greatest hits of the fall, but I want to find some new songs for you.

I don't think that I've played Monk's "Don't Blame Me" for you:

Here Monk is performing "Rhythm-a-ning" with Gerry Mulligan:

"Sweet and Lovely" is from the same collaboration:

I'll finish with a 1957 version of "Blue Monk" that he did with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers:

Did I ever post "In Walked Bud," one of Monk's famous pieces?


  1. Hi can you please advise on how to vote? Thanks!

  2. The best way to vote is through email (thesongis at gmail dot com). I am writing the email address this way to cut down on spam etc..