Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Winter Wonderland

Photography by Juan Tituaña

Apologies to those of you in New England or other snowy places, but tonight I would like to share with you Juan Tituana and Jerry A. Scuderi's Winter Wonderland.  These are lovely pictures and poems.  On the other hand, from what I have seen in other literary journals, artists appreciate this season as well.  Perhaps as long as one doesn't have to shovel snow or walk up and down windy Rockville Pike....

Photography by Juan Tituaña
A big storm is coming with February’s chill ;
to isolate, suffocate, bury us at will .

 Call out to your loved ones, and check on our heat .
Buy shovels, and bread; they soon will delete .

 See little flakes fall, what a glorious sight ;
uncountable lilies, no two are alike .

 But what of our power? Our lines may come down .
Then gone will be heat; our light, and our sound .

 Dear lilies accumulate, stacked to a great height ;
all laying a blanket, dust filling the night .

 Sailing white linen falls heavy in loads ;
it scours, and primps, and laces our roads .

 Oh, do we have gas, for the shovel that blows ?
Will the kids go to school, or play in the snows ?

 Our streets will shut down, our cities turn blue .
And . . . , another storm’s coming, oh, what will we do ?

 Just open our drapes, and turn on the floods ;
sit back, and relax, and hug all our loves .

 This blizzard has fury of sights and of sounds ;
it levels our backyard, our lives it shuts down .

 Our land is soon covered, every rail, chair, and table .
What’s in our backyard? To tell we’re not able .

 I’ve push open our door, covered booties to head ;
through deep fluffs of snow, the dog is now fed .

 She stayed in her little house, under cover and straw ;
in wonder, amazement, some fright, and some awe .

 Finches and snow birds skip around at our feeder ;
my bacon fat sun seeds give fuel for their heaters .

 Chickadee and Titmouse all join in the fun ;
prancing about on a day without sun .

 Snow ploughs pushed and scraped and ran through till dawn ;
keeping open our freeways, puppy tired little pawns .

 Tore-up dirty grass, snow drifts now too wet ;
I’ll long for the pureness of our blizzard yet !

 Soon all will be gone, summer heat ’ll set in ;
and we’ll think of our snow days, fond memories we’ll bring .
Good-Bye Snow !
                      Jerry A. Scuderi    February 23, 2010

Photography by Juan Tituaña
Photography by Juan Tituaña
A Morning of Manna

See forests puffed of cotton lint ;
evergreens so weighted low.
The bite of air’s not a mint ;
shimmering cloak show us your glow .

 Spreading oaks stretch so high ;
buds await as patient guests .
Wired poles with powered sides
frame fertile fields deserving rest .

 Brilliant sun of cloudless sky
displays matted grasses choked with fluff .
Winter’s coat soon gone good-bye ;
these frozen toes have had enough .

 Wooded scapes guard crystal creeks
escaping slow among the locks .
A paradise among the meek
watch glaring glass on cotton rocks .

 Alabaster lowlands of marshed ponds
find padded geese avoiding ice .
Draw me close , oh earthly bonds .
Glories’s back , how you entice !
Jerry A. Scuderi February 14, 2013   

 Photography by Juan Tituaña
Photography by Juan Tituaña

Drizzled Darkness

Drizzling snow   Darkness glows
Mounds grow heaps    Children leap
Scapes erases    Masking places
Amassed and carried    Village buried

Mounds in heaps    Little ones leap
Cotton sought    Play in thoughts
Amassed and carried    School yards buried
Delivering storm    Front porches scorned

Cotton sockers    Fuzzie dockers
Fluffing down    Lanes are bound
Whisking storm    Vision scorned
Coating all    Winter’s doll

Imposing down    Day is bound
Fire roars    Warmth on board
Arresting all    Winter’s maul
Waist deep blanket    Schoolers like it

Wood stove roars    Warmth on board
Silent mounting   Twilight counting 
Waist deep blanket    How kids like it
Snowing air    Inviting stares

Scape erased    Make-up placed
Drizzled snow    Enchantment glows
A pantoun

                                                         Jerry A. Scuderi 02-18-2014

 Photography by Juan Tituaña

Photography by Juan Tituaña
Green Pea Soup

At breaking dawn , the house is dark ,
No guiding light for me .
Cuddled sound as I embark
rests the slender form of Lee .

Sleep my fair of many springs ,
radiant as the morn .
Create a home and hearth for kings ;
amuse with buck and fawn .

I’ll breakfast on her green pea soup ;
assult a lawn filled deep with snow .
Feed animals and secure the coop .
Skirt the storm a foe .

White bellies perch on our dogwood tree ;
fluffing out the wind and chill .
Sunshine brings a chance to dance ;
about the grass of dill .

Find your joy ; it’s at your feet .
You’ll leave your life and times .
Contentment’s there ; just look and seek .
Life’s just a  verse   of     rhyme .

                                                         Jerry A. Scuderi  3-04-14 

 Photography by Juan Tituaña

Photography by Juan Tituaña

In addition to the beautiful words and images, Jerry and Juan have also provided some music for you:

First is jazz piano bar music:

Or would you prefer some saxophone?

Sade will make you forget the winter time:

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  1. A splendid selection of very well worked poetry ~ Shimmering with seasonal splendour!

  2. Joy at our feet- rejuvenating words

  3. Where were the pictures taken? Love.

    1. Dear Sara, most of my photos were taken around my neighborhood, Olney Md and our Lake Needwood nearby (white wild fowl). Also, photos in back streets near my house, my backyard patio and the ducks at a frozen lake in Gaithersburg, Md. It's just amazing how the wonders of nature is around our corner - just minutes away. Best ~ Juan Tituaña (photographer)

  4. my nose is dripping
    so i'll be skipping
    to my wonderful flannel bed
    and find what needs to be read