Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kavon Ward's "I am Michael Brown"

Tonight I'd like to post The Poetic Activist Kavon Ward's necessary and powerful spoken word piece "I Am Michael Brown" as part of The Song Is..'s mourning and memory contest.  I am proud to be including spoken word at this blog-zine, and this contest is an especially suitable place for spoken word since it is an important genre, especially within the African-American community.

Here is a link to "I Am Michael Brown":

I am also including her "I Am Trayvon Martin," which, in this video, she is performing at the Apollo:

Kavon Ward is a nationally recognized, award winning spoken word artist and poetic activist.  She recently received 1st place at the historic Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night, shared the stage with gospel artist Hezekiah Walker and was  featured in the 2013 African American Festival, alongside artists like Patti LaBelle and Fantasia.  Kavon is the 2012 Paul Robeson Here I Stand Poet and opened for Common at the Lincoln Theater in this capacity.  Also in 2012, Kavon took the stage with activists like Joe Madison and Dick Gregory, to perform her piece, “I Am Trayvon Martin,” during the Trayvon Martin – Washington DC Rally for Justice.

Kavon has also performed at the Washington, DC Black Theater Festival, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Avoice Heritage Celebration, Busboys & Poets, Bohemian Caverns, Nuyorican Poets CafĂ©, and Annie’s Art Gallery.  Her CD, From Policy to Poetry, and poems, including Harlem: Mission to Motivate, Black is Beautiful, and Beef with God are available for purchase at her online store and her piece,  “I Am Trayvon Martin”, is available on  iTunes.  Kavon’s poem Love Epiphany is also featured on the R&B Love Jonz Mixtape Volume 1.

If you would like to explore more of her work, here is a link to her website:

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