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Robert Glasper and Christian Scott...and Takuya Kuroda

Today I'd like to post two more poems by the dynamic Felino A. Soriano.  "in this piano-glare fade from" was inspired by Robert Glasper, one of the musicians who inspired me to transform this blog into a site for more and more creativity.  "inflection rally my speech encompasses junction" responds to the work of Christian Scott (also known as Christian aTunde Adjuah), a trumpeter, composer, and producer from New Orleans.

in this piano-glare fade from

                                                 —for Robert Glasper

&, or of sound speaking spark
from charisma’s fingering spectrum

chorded oranges

greens                     turquoise blearing refuge
amid the dragonfly’s

                    hovering smear spins into webbed pattern
an eye’s version of watching while closed

                                       see: the life of this momentary balance,
of tone & space                                    leaping

                                                            by which loiter explains wait as
gift of hearing this nuanced



                                                                             configured in the approbation
of legacy and brilliant’s articulating


Here’s a link to my favorite record by Glasper, FTB:

inflection rally my speech encompasses junction

                                                —for Christian Scott

see,                       bouquet confirmations

left to the hand
framed by the smile
scent carries into twirl
around the head in halo


                                                                    spatial syllables
an escape proximity to/at

where a freedom commends
what wears its natural gold or

glare toward a nascent tomorrow enunciation

expressed against relevance of another’s role as typical

& what extrapolates
they’ve an aim-off agenda

& my unbroken lean
                    containing prose or the ambulation of
these words’

contagious                                kaleidoscopic spirit

Here’s a link to Christian Scott’s record Who They Wish I Was:

I also asked Felino to discuss his poetics as it is very distinctive and I think that we can all learn from his willingness to write without blocking himself.  I hope that other poets who are published here will consider writing similar statements about their poetics and methods.

Summation of poetics:

My writing stems from the perspective of positing a poetic language of immanent discovery.  Often, the burden of everyday language—one offering a sameness and lack of creative spontaneity—creates spectral desensitization toward environment and the paradigms of interrogating what expands into beautiful presentations.  I am first, an interpreter of what surrounds me; music is foundational, and the found rhythms inspire and dictate each poem’s identity and spatial configuration.  I am interested in language as longevity, in advocating for its limitless disposition toward revealing, —and in this revealing, I aim to uncover/unconceal angles of what is unseen, the belly of a stone’s cool and undisturbed silence.

Jazz works its way into my language, —through rhythm and interpretation, its spontaneous and improvisational qualities augments my desire to create a text that behaves from the perspective of unaltered fruition.  


As a postscript, I am adding a haiku by my former student, Gabrielle Grunau, which was inspired by Takuya Kuroda's music.  (Felino's first post introduced us to Kuroda's genius.)  Enjoy!

Gabrielle puts her poem in context:  "Here is a Haiku inspired by the music your email had. Just quickly describing a scene seen on yesterday AM's walk [in New Hampshire]. Thank you for your effort to include me."

Inspired by the First Movement:

Two seagulls land. Their 
squawk calls the kill of a crab
One walks away. Filled.

For more of Felino's poems and Kuroda's music, see this link:

Felino and H. Holt are also collaborating on a project linking word and image:

It's really cool that they are using Pinterest to present poetry!  (A number of journals are on Tumblr, so it's really not surprising.  But it is.)

H. Holt's poem "Meliana exorcism" recently appeared in The Song Is...

You may also like Avis D. Matthews' "Metaphorical":

There is still time to send your poems to this "contest."  For more details about what I am looking for, see this entry:

Some possible topics are Latin Jazz, the act of performance, the lives of musicians, women in jazz, and perhaps even musicians who do not play the piano!!  

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