Sunday, December 24, 2017

Welcome Back, Jerry Scuderi, Dave White, and The Song Is...

Photo by Dave White

Now that the semester is over, the song resumes with my former student Jerry Scuderi's return.  The photos in this entry are by his friend Dave White, and they will remind you that warmer weather is only a few months away!

The  Roar  of  Lions   

Pop’s trailered his pick -up,   a mighty machine ;
to race, come see it,   a beauty yet mean .

Billowing smoke, “Orange Thunder” ;   stand by if you dare.
A grandson was called,  oh! He needs to be there .

See them brothers and uncles,   grand dads all around.
Here the pulsing ear-piercing;   there’s smoke and there‘s sound.

Mom calls for a son,   not yet of teen age ;
lean, smart, and quiet,   the men quickly gauge .

With uncles around him,  here encouragement and praise ;
his face is the face of their grand- uncle   . . . Displayed !

Tight gripping long hand shake,   between families that cared ;
relay trust and approval   of a son freely shared .

 Pop worked, raised a family,   his racer’s his joy ;
family men come to see it,   shout our for the boys .

Males are molded and fashioned,   by the things that they see ;
labor for family,   it’s the place they should be .

“Little Brother , what’s in you,   I want you to show ;
through the smoke and the thunder, a family must go ! ”

“ Roar at me brother,   show a heart that is strong ;
family will depend on your will and your arm !”

Families are spoke of ;   it’s good to be here ;
the years will soon pass us;   new grand dads appear .

For families are time-less , need attention and care ;
provide direction and guidance,   give your life and your hair .

                                                       Jerry A., Scuderi  June 13, 2009    

               Serenity   Station

Howl winds of  Delaware point
across a home of gables.
Coming storms of winter nears ;
shield ; protect  .  .  .  so able .

Adobe of columns , open plan
seen children , guests , and greeters .
Come to rest and soak up sun
mallers , feasters , beachers .

 In dark of night front corner lamp
sentries a palace quite adorned .
A trooper rolls hushed quiet past
a street left quite forlorn .

Guest house of peace and order
arrayed in tile and oak
host gifted rooms of talent treasures
to stress , anxiety soak .

Cottage quiet hums of silence
awaiting squawks , cheer , and chatter .
Soak in now an AM’s glow ;
Soon to greet ; soon to serve .  .  .   it matters .  

   Jerry A. Scuderi
   Nov. 19, 2017  2:47 am                                                                            

        Misty Dawn

Twilight squeals of monster motion ;
Cars file in a train yard bow .
Mountains invite a wakened commotion ;
a stone wall hints of a forgotten foe .

This city soaks the trellised passes ;
it’s glow reflects of white and amber .
I’m showered , sprayed , soaked , dashed .
Do You know my thoughts of Thee ?

A silent hiss returns the night ;
youths to rise with their glee .
Steeple sentries send drapes to white ;
Assault me shower ; spray in the freeze .

Gone , now times of cloistered sisters :
of convent closed by Father Time .
Allow me joy of giving , Master .
In Thee I rest this life of mine .

                                                       Jerry A. Scuderi 

An Outdoor’s Man Sonnet

Up and out in the morning cool ;
Trek to the lake of misty sky .

Seek ; fish phantoms and a turtle guy .
Snatched ! Pocketed ! A morning jewel .
A flop of legs and he’d found the pool .

We anchored our scepters ; relax and sigh .
Thrones set by brush , brambles , and rye .
License and contentment , here is the rule .

A creature tugs at the line ; oh , snap !
Cool ; … then steady , … spare a mishap .

A thrasher flits through the thicket ; gone !
Others avoid being ripped and torn .

Delight in the day of early dawn .
Nigh is darkness , dejection , forlorn .

                                                               Jerry A. Scuderi 
                                                               June 14, 2017

               A  Sonnet for Dad

He’s my  dad .

He’s strong as jade .

He works all day so bills are paid .

Watches me ;  keeps away the bad ;

Loves me even if  I’m mad .

He’s here for me through night and day ;

kisses me when eyes are laid .

His feet get tired ; his face gets sad ;

I love him so , I need to show .

He carries me so I can grow .

We brush away vacation sand ;

I make him smile ; to him I grin .

He worries though I hold his hand .

My Dad will dim ; I’ll long for him .

                                                              Jerry A. Scuderi
                                                              June 9, 2011

I'll finish up with some of the music I've been listening to lately.  Music to grade papers by.

Freddie Hubbard et al cover Paul McCartney's "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey":

Here is Hubbard's "Joy Spring" from Born to be Blue:

This is Woody Shaw's "United":  The cover of the album shows Shaw with his young son.

I'll finish with his "The Green Street Caper."

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

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