Sunday, November 26, 2017

Carl Scharwath and Deborah Setiyawati Collaborate...and More!

painting by Carl Scharwath

Thank you, Carl and Deborah, for your patience.  I am finally posting your words and images tonight!  This semester has been the usual round of five composition classes....but then various friends and family members decided that they wanted to visit us...what a semester!

Here is Deborah's poem that is inspired by Carl's painting:

She Had A Reason

She’ll tell you how the ruby sparkled ---
A carmine rose lips at the day
The tale of scarlet line bound in the window
Before the broken wall.

A crimson light cleaved the ashen clouds
The scattered lustrous diamonds
Sank by piecemeal the ray of phoebus
But that day kept the enigma.

She had a reason in spite of it’s too cryptic
Hidden in her dark brown eyes
She grasped the vow and wished
To see a silver lining--- one day

Till the copper skies vanished
While starry firmament touched the gate of heaven
She waited in her gloomy room
To swim in amethyst --- tomorrow, to the promise land.

 Photography- Carl Scharwath
Model- Jenny Link- (In memory of my friend, muse and now guardian angel 08/26/62-3/12/2017)


If life is a journey--- You walked!
If there’s a giant mountain--- You climbed!
If it’s the battlefield--- You fought!
You pay attention not
How many ‘if’ before your eyes.

In you, everyone sees the glorious spring
Early in March, in the morning calm and delightful
Your beauty shines brightly in harmony
Between soul and body.

The power of you is in your smile and tenderness
Strength and dignity are your great clothing
The crown is wisdom and bravery of yours.

Your love radiates from your virgin heart
Your words are the air for others.

You are the oasis!

-- Deborah Setiyawati


I am also adding some words and images by Kerfe Roig.  The set right below was inspired by Joni Mitchell.

Blue (all I want)

I’ve been to sea before
I’ve been to sky between
I’ve gathered gifts of air
the road under my skin

I’ve asked the why and where
the where of going round
the why of what I seek
the where of why I’m bound

I’m bound to sail away
my mind tells me to roam
but anchors pull my heart
and sing my wandering home

I’ll sing a lullaby
of needle under skin
the waves will help me fly
the spiral shell within

-- Kerfe Roig

The next set is inspired by the intriguing Laura Nyro.

the textbook opens to page 13

If you could
learn to be lucky--
if you could
hitch pathways
to stars--would the road go on
infinitely, light?

Bottoms fall
out and down with luck,
in reverse
the patterns so recently
aligned in those stars.

Why not drink
of sweet blind dumb luck?
Tempt fate to
work its will?
Why not open the gates to
floods of temptation?

Floating boats
on darkened rivers,
out of hands
to lend—out
of sight the treasure map--
out of luck the tide. 

-- Kerfe Roig

She started a ritual
The answer on fire
The seeds realized as dark matter

Let's start with a couple of Laura Nyro's songs.  The first is her version of "The Bells" from her album with Labelle, Gonna Take a Miracle: 

This next video is a tribute to Nyro from 2012:  The club is in Ashville, NC.

British jazz vocalist Emma Smith sings her arrangement of Joni Mitchell's "Blue":

Tierney Sutton sings "Woodstock" from her album After Blue:

This morning I was listening to Doug Carn and Jean Carne's album Infant Eyes, so here is the title cut:

I'll finish with their version of "Naima":

Unlike the late Ms. Nyro and Joni Mitchell, Doug Carn and Jean Carne are still performing:

Enjoy!  I hope to be back sooner rather than later!!

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