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Welcome to Claus Ankersen!

Danish poet and world traveler Claus Ankersen continues the 1940s contest and the series of contributions from writers whose work appeared in Resurrection of a Sunflower.   Tonight I only wish that we could dance Hurricane Harvey away, but for now let's dance!

Let's dance - A bilingual Bowie tribute

Let's Dance
To the song they're playing on the radio
Let's Dance the world into existence
Come and dance with the lords of life
Come and break my heart in two
Let's dance you and me
Dance and you can be me
I am that I am
motionless in time
a blooming flower of pure night lit by the serious moonlight
Come and sit on the hands of a boy named Underwood
breathe visions of acid and tears
as gods of the underworld enters the labyrinth – What have we here? A little boy!
smashing open the eye, rendering the world
and black
Let's Dance, little China Girl
In a bar full of men
tell me what happened, when?
Stranger than snow falling up
from below
will you ever find your home, again?

Tap into your own spinal tap dance, mister underwood of everyday life
Tap into the mysteries of the great hall of mirrors
look into my eyes
and fly
Soar thou across the lands of man and break through illusion
shine under the moonlight
bask in the stardust
Dance, magician
Dance, man
Walk the tightrope and walk the path between that which shall be and that which you Will
Walk between the fairy realms of the Thin White Duke
and the Black Fat Cat
Dream your world into existence
to the song they are playing on the radio
if you say hi, the universe will say hi
So dance, little china girl and fly into my eye
see the wonders from the beam of a saxophone tone
be velvet under the serious moonlight
Hold my hand and Let's dance
I am that I am
Motion in timelessness
Ain soph aur
oneness manifest in multiplicity
magical destiny masking as coincidence
a sudden synchronicity of meaning
right here
where we dance
and dance the world into existence
For we all dance
and as we dance, the gods tremble
knowing full well that even in changed settings
the result will remain

# Intermezzo #

England 1962
A boy named George Underwood gets into a fight and punch another boy
straight in the eye. He wars a ring, and hits the boy in his left eye
forever changing his destiny
That boy is called David Robert Jones
In the instant he is hit by the ring, he transmutate
his yin seperate from his yang
and reconnects
his third eye opens as his physical vision blurs
and he is cast down into purgatory
a razorsharp cosmo-cutting shaman, with a spirit name of a hunting knife
He takes off, spreading his wings of music
flying into the serious moonlight
remembering forever nothing
but the here-and-now
knowing nothing but the serenity of I am that I am

Lets say that he was born, instead
in rural Denmark
Lets say the boy was named
David Bovig
Lets say he got into a fight over a girl in school
with a redhaired boy called Carsten Nielsen
who punched his one eye polycoloured

The result would have been the same
cause we dance the dance of life and the world remains
forever changing
forever the same

So come on
and lets dance

Da jeg første gang hørte Let's Dance
i 1983
for kun 26 år siden
var jeg naturligvis fuldstændig den samme
som i dag
selvom jeg gik i røde sko, orange gulerodsbukser fra UFO
stribet kjortel fra den indiske butik
spraglet tørklæde og sort baret
var jeg den samme
åh, ja, jeg var den samme
og mine sko var så røde
det var ecco sko
og de kunne danse gennem verden
og et uendeligt slaraffenland af eventyr og fantasi
de kunne danse lige ud af klasseværelset på de solstråler der faldt ind
gennem vinduerne
og lige ind i vidunderet
og det gjorde de, mens jeg sad og glanede ud i luften
og det gør de stadig
to the song they're playing on the radio
det er en gammel aftale vi har
Bowie og jeg
for når man har sagt A
må man også sige B
og har man sagt Ankersen
må man sige Bowie
no pun intended
just fun intended
motionless in time
timeless in motion
we are that we are
from the kingdom to the crown
cause all my love for you
should break my heart in two
if you should fall into my arms
trembling like a flower

# Intermezzo END #

Thus spoke Siddharta and the sages
Thus spoke the rod of Moses
Thus it shall be written
Thus it shall be sung
Thus it shall be said
and thus it shall be done

Look into my eyes
Look into your eyes
And Dance


Interestingly, Claus told me that this poem has also appeared in a Ukrainian translation!

This version of "Let's Dance" features Stevie Ray Vaughn:

I'll also include "Modern Love":

I remember dancing to "Under Pressure" back in the day:

Mustn't forget "Dancing in the Street" with Bowie and Jagger:

This is a repeat of "Let's Dance," but the video is very cool and very global.

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