Sunday, August 6, 2017

Felino A. Soriano and Ivar Antonsen

This evening Felino A. Soriano enters the 1940s contest, drawing our attention to Ivar Antonsen, a Norwegian jazz pianist and composer who was born in 1946.  People have sent me a diverse array of tributes to musicians this summer.  Some are very well known in the United States; others are not.  I hope that you will enjoy the variety!

Conversational whisper
                                   --after Ivar Antonsen (b. 1946)

  Where it was we’ve
 more so an adaptation
     of age and what
 age in theory represents
                   within the
   behavior of our current
        manifestations.  Said
     of what we’ve forgotten,
  each mirror, when unobstructed
        by thick, fingering fog will
  reveal what the body bends
 toward:     :frequent spatial
    needs to determine fractions’
      music, asymmetrical, altruistic with
   widened hands of a welcoming

   warmth is what relocates oddities of noon’s winter holdings;
 elongated lines, tired strands of silken silence
     continue oscillating speech though
   when heat becomes apparition
       is the grayed gradation crawl
   -ing to adhere to bone’s piano solo
        to ash

Let's star with Antonsen's piano duet with Andy LaVerne "Double Circle":

"NY Snapshot" adds tenor sax, bass, and drums to the piano:

A more recent piece, "Tune for Trio," removes the tenor sax but keeps the bass and drums:

I'll finish with "Stepping Stones," a duet with Vigleik Storaas, another Norwegian pianist:



  1. the second piece is a deeply beautiful musical soliloquy...beautiful images.

  2. Felino was a master of language. I deeply connected with his love of music, as well. Very cool how you included the links and Ivan Antonsen album, too! Thinking of you, Felino. This poem is a stunner. Thank you, Marianne Szlyk. Fondly, Alicia :)