Saturday, July 16, 2016

Welcome to Gabriel Eziorobo

I am posting a little earlier since today's poet, Gabriel Eziorobo, is based in Nigeria and watching for this entry.  I hope that you will enjoy these poems.

My heart ceases to function
so my brain stops to think
so i wonder,wonder
where will i be?

The beauty of the earth is fading
so the birds sing,ah!ah!ah!
So i wonder, wonder
what does the song mean?

The drummers drum
so the dancers dance
to the rhythm of the drum
so i wonder, wonder
what is the rhythm of the drum?


I have gone
i have gone
beyond the earth surface
no man has reached,
the life has been so boring
for me to live,
the people are hypocrites   
they are not worthy

to be trusted,
they have done something to me
i will not forget,
why will i be born,
and suffer from it?
Why won't I be angry with life,
if i turn left
i see danger in it
and if i turn right
i see chameleon in it
this has been a threat to me,
why would I be happy with nature?
I am tired of the world    
i am tired of the people
they have done something to me
i will not forget,
i have no heart
to forgive them
for what they have done to me,
i have gone
i have gone
beyond the earth’s surface 
no man has reached.


Things have happened
things will happen
the world will scream
vanity has come
to stay with us,
those who are afraid
will pack and never return,
hopelessness will be their friend,
because nothing will come
so easy for you and me to live,
the life will be vanity
and if the life we live
is vanity,
let it continue,
for the world is impatient
to let things to be,
man can't see the beauty
without looking back,
liars are afraid to lie,
the birds that fly at night
are no-where to be found,
they are afraid to be caught
and if the life we live
is vanity,
let it continue
for the world
has been infected
with vain glory
all the days of its life
and if the life we live
is vanity,
let it continue
for the world
is full of blood
and if the life we live
is vanity,
let it continue.


Gabriel has also written some poems for the jazz contest.

Copyright 2014 -- Ed Schelb


It is almost day
''it  is  almost blue''
the sun
to rise,
and let the people rejoice
and let the birds sing,
it is almost day
''it is almost blue''
the   sun
to rise,
and let the little boy say,
it is almost noon,
it is almost night,
the vampire of shadow
to rise,
because the sun,
is an enemy,
to him,
and the night
is a redeemer,
to his flesh,
this is the night,
the busy night,
the vampire of shadow
rises to see the world.


Oh beautiful morning sun,
shinny and sunny
to everyone eyes
that wake up
to see it.

Oh beautiful train
the beauty that continues
from generation to generation,
i love your smile
the smile that keeps me,
smiling from generation to generation.

Oh beautiful ''blue train''
the train i want to
enter when i am travelling,
i love the train
the blue train
that takes me
to my destination.


What will i say to  jazz?
What can i do for  jazz?
Someone has to tell me,
because i have been waiting
for this day to come
to meet with the jazz
to make him happy,
and now is here,
what will i say to   jazz?
What can i do for   jazz?
The jazz of my life
the jazz of all music.

Gabriel Eziorobo is from Nigeria.  He is  twenty years and lives with his family:  five
children, two boys and three girls with his mum and dad.  He wants to study
international-relations at the university. He loves writing poems because
it allows him to put his imagination into writing,and he is looking
forward to seeing his poems among others.  

Let's add some music, starting with Chet Baker's "Almost Blue":

Here is a video of Baker when he was young:

John Coltrane plays "Blue Train":

Coltrane's "Africa" is from his Africa/Brass Sessions:

I'm adding his "India" with Eric Dolphy as well:

Now for something a little different.  This is Gary Bartz' "Music is My Sanctuary":

I'll finish with his "By Myself":

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  1. I am really enjoying your poetry. Simple words with such power and impact. Thank you.