Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer with Juan Tituana and Jerry A. Scuderi


Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Now that it's July, let's go to the beach!  It's true that as I type this, Corpus Christi (where Juan took these pictures) is 82 degrees at the very early hour of 7am, but no matter....  Enjoy the poems and pictures!

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana
Perhaps Sally and Hugh are among the patrons at the restaurant with the fabulous view.

    Sally and Hugh

Sundown, love found
Vow, spouse
reach, beach
wine, dine
tent, spent
haiku, dew, and . . . You !

Love shines
you are kind
brute, gentle, cute
true, loyal, You
Kiss me, miss me ?

Wobbles, bottles
coat, tote
delight, fright
scream, dream
new tiny coo
like You !

Blue shoes, hue
best prom dress
bright , glitter, night
lend  life  again
mom’s dear tear .

Hearty wed  party
paged aged sage
 find grand time
 loan end,  home
 still, . . . love you.
 -- Jerry A. Scuderi

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana
Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Surf Maiden

Where are you heading Crimson Gold ,
tossing your head with a mop of curls ?
You’ve captured my mind , my breath , my soul ,
My longingness , my lady , my girl .

 I found you Blossom among the stars
on a moon lite night of fun .
Accompanying friends , wandering bars ;
A glow to all ; intimate to none .

Smooth arrowbesk woman of chatter ,
Flow of grace , style , and lavender .
Search . Seek . Know not what matters .
Tuned out to passes , jerks , and scavengers .

Where are you going Duchess of sands .
You’ve taken my soul , my whit , my mind .
Notice not  the awe  of longing fans ,
my liveliness , my lady , my love .

Saunter , stride , o’er envious lands .
Turning heads , considering surf .
Goddess unknowing ; designed for man .
Romp and tease , child of murf .

Throw your sandals , Energy Bound .
Garments lost ; tossed in towels .
I envy the swells splashed in sounds .
Diva of hoots and howls .

Will you come with me to castle far ?
Bring your elegance of no par .
You’ve taken my life , my breath , my soul ,
My Loveliness ,   My Lady ,   My Love .

                                                                    Jerry A. Scuderi  February 14, 2016

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana
Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Dripping Dilemma

 Smooth dreamy , oh so creamy , my ice cream cone
Soft crunch , for lunch , you are mine
Cool the heat , summer's seek , luring sign
Frosty tune , belly boom , freezy come home
A party is waiting  with scents so baiting , hurry Sue Joan
We're anxious here , precious dear , please stay in line
Looks inviting , spied a siteing , surely time
You're tempted so , head to toe , won't you phone ?
Our Lady here  , was sent for beers , expected back soon
She stopped for treat , passion meet , it's so past noon
Our wings are drying ; temper's are flying
A houseful waiting ; you've had your whim
Lose this sighting ; no sense lying
You've chocolate on your chin !

                                                           a sonnet
                                                           Jerry A. Scuderi  February 24, 2016

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Students start to hustle;  the ladies start to tussle;  get out of here and hit the road .

I’m here at this table,  looking all around .
I spy her and she is fine .
Dressed-up in lace; look at that face;  oh, style and grace .
She shakes me to my timberlines .

Who you a starein’;  sit there a glarein’ .
Don’t you been taught better;  leave a lady alone ?
You’re not so hot;  sit alone a lot.  I’ll be here tomorrow .
My friends ain’t a leavein’;  don’t start a grievein’.  I gotta go .

Yea, here I’m just a thinking ;  yea, I see her a blinkin’ .
I’m into my Lincoln;  sister give me a nod..

Students start to hustle;  the ladies start to tussle;  get out of here and hit the road.

Tell me sister;  I’m a good listener ;
can’t hang around a while;  like your sheets .
See,  I be cool;  I run my own game;  I gotta be free .
I’m too a cookin ; gotta be a lookin’.  Sis, got some time ?

Do what you wanna ?  Man, take a gonna . 
My life is fine;  like a quality wine .
I’ve friend enough with all that fluff .
Gotta go and party,  big, strong, and hearty,  ’on .

Yea, here I’m just a thinking ;  yea, I see her a blinkin’ .
I’m into my Lincoln;  sister give me a nod .

Lookin’ at your skirt ;  walkin’ with your chin up ;
eyes be down like a red carpet gown .
Go on girl a walkin’;  I be a talkin’;
Babe like you, don’t walk alone.

Students start to hustle;  the ladies start to tussle;  get out of here and hit the road.

                                                                               Jerry A. Scuderi    03-01-2011

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Love’s  Dusk

Will you love me when my teeth come out
to greet the evening stars ?
Will you comfort me at day's last light .
Steady me on bathroom bars ?

Will you feed me devoutly
regiments of pills ?
Hold my hand when life seems lost ;
smile , dispute my ills ?

Will you walk with me and talk with me ;
as I struggle to stand at all ?
Toddle , sway , tremulously .
I fear a fall .

Will you love me , care for me ;
as I'm dressed , my hair combed ?
Listen around our kitchen sink ?
See, my consciousness is loaned .

Will you led me and sit with me
as I know no friends about ?
Looking blank ; memories gone ;
lost in doubt ?

Take my hand ; squeeze it tight .
Give guidance my life .
Seek my breath in the darkness .
Love is not without it’s price .

                                                          Jerry A. Scuderi September 22, 2015

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Jerry is also a winemaker.


I’m your friend from the fungi family;    I’m amazing and scary.   
I’m here for your pleasure;    just call me wine Sherry .

I’m a one cell party creature;    I divide and multiply .
I’m a carbohydrate fiend;    my work you must try .

I come in a  packet;    just tear, let me loose .
Dump me in sweet water,    then into orange juice .

We’ll  make “sweet port”;   the color’s “rose” .
My flavor is sherry.    Relax , end your day .

I’m poured into the must;    that’s the juice from the grape .
I’ll multiply most rapidly,    as its sugars abate .

With oxygen,    then without,    I’ll grow that’s my biz .
Giving off a “bubbly”,    I’m a chemical wiz .

I convert sugar to alcohol;    the process is fun .
To some, it’s addictive;    don’t get overdone .

My maker adds nutrients;    then syrup to the mix .
The measurements he’s taking    is on the scale of the Brix .

Old shipping to England,    would spoil a wine .
Spain put me to work,    for a product divine .

For my spirits are higher;    than other yeasts I know .
I’ll stays fresher longer;    despite oxygen exposed .

Over the weeks he stirs,    samples and labors ;
his devotion to detail    invites delicate flavors .

While ageing in a cellar,    wine changes in the bottle ;
to a silky, full bodied,    to a rich, full throttle .

Drinking wine straight;    the Greeks saw uncivilized .
Straight or mixed with friends,    call a party to your dive .

                                                                       Jerry A. Scuderi    03-22-2011

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

HAIKU                                   a 17 syllabled poem

Through our poetry : Truth speaks,
                                 the wind hushes,
                                 Our minds listen at  rest.             Jerry A. Scuderi   02-27-11

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

Copyright 2016 -- Juan Tituana

I hope that you've enjoyed our trip to Corpus Christi.  Let's play some music to finish this entry.  I'm in the mood for some vibes, so here is Warren Wolf's "Maiden Voyage":

"Natural Beauties" also seems like a good title for today, too.

Here is Milt Jackson's "Sunflower."  I think that my husband was playing it on his computer the other day.

While I was assembling this entry, I was listening to a Dusty Springfield album.  Lo and behold, here is a song that both she and Milt Jackson covered...separately.

This is not Dusty Springfield, but here is Stacey Kent's version of this song:

Stacey Kent, by the way, was the singer at the beginning of the 1930s version of Richard III, the one starring Ian McKellan.


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