Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kerfe Roig's Masks and "Jaguar"

This evening I'd like to return with Kerfe Roig's images and words inspired by Mayan and Mexican jaguar (tigre) masks.  She states:

What's interesting to me is how first the Spanish tried to eliminate the native peoples, then they enslaved them, taking away their lands and outlawing their culture, then they sent priests to indoctrinate them into Catholicism.  And still.  The ancient beliefs and traditions subverted the imported religion and exists today in a synthesis of the old and new.  The persistence of masking and the spirits invoked in ritual and dance are evidence of the continuity and continued importance of indigenous culture in the life of Latin America.

jaguar/le tigre

tigre burn
jaguar of the night
mirrored eye
ancient hand
catching light molding liquid birth
from death the seedling

rising deep
rising high flaming
eyes see 
nothing and
everything falling and whose
invisible hands

strike cold fire
dying blaze melting
nourished by
whose blood water earth fire air
breath still beginning

the stars sing
the earth opens wide
fires darken
crossing over
air spirit matter merging

the sky sheds new tears 

I'd like to post some Mexican jazz.  The first link is to a video of Sacbe's "Aztlan":

Next is this group's "Andromeda":

How does this group sound live?

Itzam Cano is a jazz bassist from Mexico:

He is known for his work with Zero Point:

I'll finish with Remi Alvarez, a saxophonist.

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