Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Angelee Deodhar, Raveesh Varma, and Thomas Canull

Recently Angelee Deodhar took time to send me some of her collaborations with other authors as well as some of her own haiku.  I know that you will enjoy them.

For the first two pieces, her co-author is Raveesh Varma (whom you met back in February when you read their "Snow Angels."

The next co-author is Thomas Canull.

Haibun :The echo

A collaborative haibun by Thomas Canull (USA) and Angelee Deodhar(India)

new grass--
a sparrow and I
just playing
Mother's Day brings back fond memories of my grandmother whom I loved dearly as she and an aunt just 8 years old at the time raised me for at least the first year of my life. My birth mother rejected me at birth as she already had one child to care for. And no one on that side of the family would ever discuss it or tell me how long I was at grandmothers but she was always there for me as I grew up. Some summers I would to stay there for the summer and for me that was a taste of heaven.

night watch-
green hills flatten
on the monitor

Total number of words 123

Issa haiku 1808 from David  Lanoue’s site http://haikuguy.com/issa/search.php?keywords=sparrow

Bio:Thomas Canull  worked for several years as an intel-op in the far and middle east. While in Japan he fell in love with  haiku. Several of his haiku have appeared in the Japanese online Asahi Haikuist Network.While in Arizona Thomas started posting a "Thought for the week" and a "Haiku for the week" at his neighborhood Starbucks. When he returned to Indiana ,he brought the idea back with him and has been posting at the same Starbucks for several years.

Thomas is also a Co-Founder of Hope 4 U Bracelet Ministries which is dedicated to uplifting of everyone he meets with a message of love and hope.

Below are Angelee's haiku sequences.

Haiku Sequence: Earthquake

as I brush by
the touch-me-not closes
- wedding night

her hennaed hands
between my brown ones
the scent of jasmine

lifting her veil
first glimpse of the moon
on her nose ring

tinkle of bangles
breaks the night silence
as we sink together

morning dip
her sari clings to her
my heartbeats quicken

earthquake –
petals torn from a tree
flutter in the wind

another earth tremor
in a street full of rubble
her glass bangles

Haiku Sequence: Ground Zero Revisited

breaking news
in the darkness
a tea cup shatters

flags aflutter
the still smoldering debris
- just another day

each passing hour
through broken windows
only the silence

memorial bouquets
the lilies beaten to stalks
in the downpour –

hand to hand
a flickering candle
this long night

a different landscape
through settling smoke
some more sky

During this unsettling time, I hope that these poets' work will speak to you.  Music also speaks to us.  Angelee chose these pieces.  The first is Chopin's Marche Funebre.

The second is Jean-Paul Verpeaux's Trauermarsch.

I think I will include Donal Fox's Improvisation on Bach:

Here he performs variations on Brahms:

I'll conclude with the Cannonball Adderley Quintet's performance of Joe Zawinul's Requiem for a Jazz Musician:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrHrQhhgBDE


  1. Incredible! These must be read and re-read. And the music you've chosen. Thank you for this feast--all three of you.
    It is thrilling to come upon this fine poetry all at once. So much talent.

    1. Dear Jo,Thank you for your kind words,yes the music chosen by Marianne adds another dimension to the words,love angelee

  2. Dear friend,
    this is perfect,you helped me heal,
    Deep bow and many thanks,love and light,angelee

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you John,for your kind encouragement,love angelee

  4. so thoroughly enjoyed reading. Each one is beautifully done ! very very visual and evocative ! Congratulations ! arvinder kaur

    1. Dear Arvinder, your appreciation is so welcome,thank you,god bless,love angelee

  5. The beauty of these haiku leaves me entranced and moved beyond words. They express so much more than what is expressed in words. Such is their power! The images they conjure add beauty and joy to my life. Angelee is truly gifted and her compassionate spirit of collaboration shines through the haiku.

    1. Dear Neena,you are so kind and encouraging...these devastating events can never be forgotten...I just wanted to share my sadness and prayers for those we lost,love angelee

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the collaborative haibun of Dr. Angelee Deodhar with Ravish Varma and Thomas Canull. The economy of words in the haibun and the depth of the accompanying haiku do rivet one to them to go deeper and deeper into the meaning and message they convey. Also loved reading the Earthquake Haiku sequence and the Ground Zero Revisited Haiku sequence - because each brings back memories of the associated events - Nepal Earthquake and 9/11. The haiku - all of them are so soul-stirring! Thank you and respects, Dr. Angelee Deodhar, Ravish Varma and Thomas Canull for the sensory and visual treat! Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

    1. Dear Paddy,your loving kindness and encouragement are a balm to my soul,thank you ever so much,love and light,angelee

  7. Thank you for all the nice comments. It means so much to my soul to add light to someone's world. As knowing Angelee has brought so much
    light and inspiration to my world that I am humbled to be mentioned on the same page.

  8. Awesome.It is such a feast to read and soak these words and images. Thank you Angelee, Raveesh and Thomas for this collaboration.

  9. To all the talented writers sharing in this wonderful display--Your work is an artistic experience. I'm in awe. If any of you would like to collaborate on a poem for consideration for Whispers, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Marianne--you did a great job putting this together. Thank you.

    Blessings and best wishes to all,


  10. Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments on these pieces!

  11. I love this hokku:

    lifting her veil
    first glimpse of the moon
    on her nose ring

  12. Some very evocative stuff. It is such an honour to know Angelee.