Monday, November 17, 2014

Words and Images for What Would Have Been Gene Clark's 70th Birthday

Today, on what would have been Gene Clark's 70th birthday, poet and photographer Regina A. Walker will grace us with her beautiful photographs.  (Her poem "Hiraeth" started off the fall contests.)

copyright Regina A. Walker, 2014

copyright Regina A. Walker, 2014

copyright Regina A. Walker, 2014

copyright Regina A. Walker, 2014

copyright Regina A. Walker, 2014

Below is Regina's statement about her photography:  "I look to capture emotions and images and intangible elements in my photography that are both obvious and obscure. There are many ways of seeing and I seek to capture every day images and present them in a unique way. I believe the camera is a tool that can be used in many ways, including as a paintbrush, and I strive to expand the medium to be ever more inclusive." ~ Regina Walker

I would also like to add Vasile Moldovan's haiku:

only a dream
wrapped in smoke
our past love

a ladder to sky-
flowers of iron
at each step

waiting the train
in the final station...
nothing, nobody

a well known refrain-
the whizz of the train
which arrives  just now

             Vasile Moldovan

Since he is new to The Song Is..., here is his bio:
Vasile Moldovan was  cofounder(1991) and president(2001-2009) of the Romanian Society of Haiku. He won several awards and mentions at the international haiku contest and published (in his native language, Romanian and in English,some books of haiku, renku and tanka: Via Dolorosa, The Unseen Face of the Moon, Noah's Ark, Ikebana, On a Summer Day, After the Tempest...  Now, he lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

I would like to add a link to my poem, "In the Third Year of The Drought," which picks up a phrase from "Lady of the North."  Poet, editor, and educator H.R. Holt chose this poem for Walking is Still Honest!  I hope that you will enjoy her blog-zine:

To finish, here is some music for you.  Apologies if they are repetitions from previous posts.

The first is Gene Clark's "Echoes":

The second is his "No Other":

Here is a version of "Silver Raven" from the recent No Other tour:  The singer is Iain Matthews of Fairport Convention.

"Lady of the North" is from Clark's album No Other:

We'll finish up with a version of  "The Train Leaves Here This Morning" and "In the Plan" that he did with Doug Dillard.



  1. Photos and haiku JUST FABULOUS. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Joan. :) I'll pass on the comments to Regina and Vasile :)