Monday, November 3, 2014

Avis D. Matthews' Images and Jerry A. Scuderi's Words....

Walking around my neighborhood reminds me what a beautiful season fall is.  This afternoon I would like to share with you some seasonal images and words.  The images are scenes from Greenbelt Lake, which Avis D. Matthews took last fall.  For those of you who are not from the DC Metro area, Greenbelt Lake is not that far from the city, Greenbelt being one end of our Metro.  The words are poetry by Jerry A. Scuderi, a local poet.  I wonder where his "Autumn Glow" is set!

"Selfie" -- copyright 2013, Avis D. Matthews

Autumn Glow

Fire blazing   fire light   fire power   fire might
invade the darkness   shadow sights

Harvest moon   high and bright   haloed veiled  escort the night
Enchanted tots   furnace circle   smoke and darkness   black and purple

Naked branches   rustled leaves   haunted forest   assaulting breeze
Awake the shadows   invade the night   ascending sparkles   shining kites

Rosy cheeks   hypnotized   wonder stare   glowing eyes
Roaring flames   stars of dapple   shouting snap   pop and crackle

Autumn evening   moving sky   glowing coals   enchant   so high
Chill of beer   soothe of wine   lassie smiles   suitor finds

Clanking sodas   crunching chips   autumn night   not to miss
Table loaded   blacken night   hooded friends   back in sight

Toasted mellows   u­mmm let’s eat   sticky mittens   alluring treats
Dogs on sticks   wood ablaze   sleepy children   eyes a­glaze

Home in darkness   sleep is waiting
Life is fleeting   ambers fading

Jerry A. Scuderi
November 11, 2011

"Come Here" -- copyright 2013, Avis D. Matthews
I also thought that I'd include Jerry's tribute to Janis Joplin, which kind of fits into the theme of the second contest -- and alludes to our upcoming spring contest honoring women in music.

Treble Goddess

Shimmer silk in blanket darkness ;
velvet tones seek grief to loose .
They siren tales of the heartless ;
a love’s exile sings the blues .

Glimmer rays flood the show girl .
Her life’s a muck ; so seeking lull .
Painted face framed by the lock curls
glares radiate from angelic dull .
Minstrel mannequin sing the blues .

Voice melodies of selfishness ;
screech sopranino of shattered heart .
Shielded tears yield their distress ;
senses sweat , stressed , then depart .

Glow image of surreal sorrow ;
bellow forth these tortured days .
Grasp your dreams though they are borrowed ;
wail , promote a staggered way .
Ceramic chagrin sing your blues .

Pour out your being of forced concessions ;
as Blank and Empties emit their stares .
Shout forth crystal soul’s confessions .
She’s open, tender , yet , life’s not there .
Treble goddess lives her blues .

Jerry A. Scuderi
September 28, 2014

We'll finish with some songs by Janis Joplin:

You may recognize "Ball and Chain":

I want to include "Maybe" from my favorite Janis Joplin album:

"To Love Somebody" is also from that same album:

"Cry Baby" is from her last album, Pearl:



  1. Ah, the Vineyard. Does it get any better? Thank you so much Professor Szlyk.