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Tonight I'd like to post some poems from Vatasala Radhakeesoon's book Guitar of Love.  Her book is already drawing positive notice, so I am sure that you will enjoy reading her wonderful poems!  Let's start with the title poem.

Guitar of Love

I’m the swirls
of ecstasy,
I’m the tears
of grief

your inspiration,
your consolation,
your desolation

O, sensitive singer!
I know each corner of
your heart,
your mind,
your soul

In your world
of songs' creation,
                                    I’ve vowed to be                                   
your life’s companion

O, sensitive singer!
You and I,
bonded by
Music’s immortality
On planet Earth
will forever shower
the songs of Equality.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Image by Doreen Sawitza

Divine Song
The soul of the universe vibrates,
Planet Earth opens its third eye,
The learned Acharya
with a meditative look
detached from illusion
with cleansed heart
sings the message of God

A song of unity
A song of morality
A song of Equality
A song for humanity
pulsates in dawn’s wisdom

Convincingly the melodious voice
up till the morning breeze blissfully
“ God wants all children
to be merry,
to hold hands in harmony,
to live lives where
thoughts, words and actions shine
like a million golden lotuses
bearing the un-flickering light
of permanent ego-less purity

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Photograph by XIIIfromTOKYO

Favourite Singer
(for Roch Voisine)

Blessed with uniqueness
is your voice,
To my ears,
it’s the mysticism of cool sea;
Your lyrics
sad, happy, profound, funny
on my musical ladder
shine as first choice.

During my teens,
on my room walls, you smiled,
To my locked girlish diary
you often flew and said
Your songs in the morning breeze
met my poems shy
and you became
my gentle muse,
my artistic guide.

Swiftly have the years flown
but amidst my Poetry’s sun
to your songs on YouTube
I still turn,
I sing along with you
‘ L’idole’, ‘Bye-Bye’ and ‘Helen’,
I’m all thrilled
with ‘Forever Gentlemen’.

O Favourite singer!
To my mind, soul, heart
will speak your songs forever
Your fan fidèle*
I will be forever.
Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Music My Maker

My soul has fallen in love
with your guitar
Your lyrics speak
right to my heart

Shy and scared,
I’m not ready to follow you
but in my world
I silently weave words

I’ve chosen an art
that compliments you
one that is a subset of you

O Music!
Through your love
I’ve discovered
the elegantly written art

O Music!
You have made me
a poet.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Jane Seymour and Ian McKellen in a 1980 production of Amadeus. McKellen played Salieri

Mozart and Salieri
(Inspired by the movie Amadeus)

Mozart was gifted
He could turn
all music pieces
into perfection

Salieri got disciplined
a firm believer of God
and worked hard
to produce quality music

Both great composers
but Mozart’s music
proved unbeatable
It touched
each heart
each soul

“O, God !”
exclaimed Salieri,
Then he asked the Supreme
“Why have you blessed
me with Music
when I’m doomed
to be merely
the second best?

Deep inside
Salieri’s soul
was tormented
by Envy’s pain

Drowning into
useless anger
and Mozart’s popularity
kept diffusing
in all countries

For centuries
ambiguity has prevailed
upon Salieri being
the murderer of
the genius Mozart

What a life!
How undignified
is the fire of fatal

O Human Race!
Learn your lesson
from those composers
If you’re at Art’s service,
be selfless
appreciate colleagues
learn from them
compare yourself
to No one
Run your race!

Thus, the Divine
will surely bless you
with eternal peace,
eternal wisdom.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

I Let You Go

Each of my songs
sung under the sun
of the magical guitar
has the imprints
of your love

Oh, I did love you
Maybe I still do
We’ve met in this life
and as a twin flame
I’ve recognised you

But since you have
some karmic debts
towards your own
your kin,
the Lord has entrusted me
the most painful duty
the toughest task
to let you go

With invisible tears
in my artistic heart
and an Amazonian smile
on my determined face
I let you go

My logic rarely fails
My intuition often wins
So in this life once again
I let you fly, dive
to your daily duties
to some unfulfilled
past lives’ karmas

Please complete
the practical circle
Leave no blanks
Skip no question marks

And once many cycles
of seasons for aeons
they got are complete
then again, the Lord
himself will guide us
and with all his blessings
joyfully he’ll unite us.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon


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  1. And once many cycles
    of seasons for aeons
    they got are complete
    then again, the Lord
    himself will guide us
    and with all his blessings
    joyfully he’ll unite us.

    دانلود آهنگ غمگین