Saturday, September 1, 2018

Welcome to Colin Richard James!

Tonight I'd like to post some poems by Colin Richard James, a British-born poet who is new to The Song Is...


                            My friend Helen is in
                            the possession of such beauty
                            that the simple task
                            of entering a room
                            is fraught with anxiety
                            and trepidation.
                            She started wearing a Burka
                            but found herself being directed
                            towards any sofa where
                            the celebrities of the quiz show
                            'WHAT'S MY LINE' held forth.
                            Specifically Kitty Carlisle 
                            and the weekly Mystery Guest.
                            Questions like, "Are you in Show Business?" 
                            "Does the sun ever set on your tuckus?" 
                            "Are you the definitive of the modern pose?"
                            So she became a lesbian
                            not out of sexual preference,
                            but rather the joy of walking in Noho
                            amongst quiet confidants. She Has
                            also learned an effective verbal retort 
                            if propositioned by lewd thugs,
                            "I will if you shave your legs!"


                           Uncle Leonard is in the music room
                           listening to his rock and roll.
                           Mother is disappointed.
                           Expecting more involvement, inclusion
                           she asked him to make a salad.
                           Which he did, even used her two hanging 
                           baskets an earthy concoction indeed.  
                           Mother usually rues the compost heap.
                           Although the salad turned out quite
                           tasty, Leonard might be on to
                           something even more enticingly cool.


                                       The bird's call sounded
                                       like a bicycle bell,
                                       that and a computer breathing
                                       ending on the taught exhale.
                                       My guide always informative,
                                       hung her strapless binoculars on
                                       their belt clip a biodiversity present.
                                       We had discussed communicative 
                                       hand signals, hers simple
                                       economically less than seven.
                                       We began to crawl through some bushes
                                       she on three limbs, one hand
                                       for me directive and solemn.
                                       I followed attentive to everything
                                       rubbing a scratch thigh or higher,
                                       senses resolute denoted a clearing.

Colin James has a book of poems, Resisting Probability, from

Sagging Meniscus Press. He lives in link to SMP titles

Let's include some music, too, starting with some Freddie Hubbard.

Here is his "Skagly" from 1980:

"Happiness is Now" is from the same album:

The guitarist Gabor Szabo keeps popping up on my You Tube.  Here is his "Lady in the Moon":

I'll finish with his "Galatea's Guitar":


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