Saturday, September 22, 2018

Kerfe Roig in the First Days of Fall

"if it's magic" by Kerfe Roig (inspired by Stevie Wonder)

Tonight, as fall actually begins, I'd like to post Kerfe Roig's words and images inspired by musicians born in the 1950s.  I've already started with Stevie Wonder.

Always (like the galaxies in time)
for Stevie Wonder
Transcending both beginning and end
woven together
like the circles of the sun and moon
beyond the horizon
Woven together
a spiral returning as seed
beyond the horizon
A spiral returning as seed
spinning winged like a bird
learning to fly
Spinning winged like a bird
bearing the edges of infinity
learning to fly
not forever but always
Bearing the edges of infinity
like the circles of the sun and moon
not forever but always
transcending both beginning and end

inspired by “If It’s Magic” and “As”

It's hard to believe that Stevie Wonder and Prince were born in the same decade.

"prince guitar" by Kerfe Roig -- previously appeared on her website

Purple Dreams (for Prince)
Lie down beneath the shadow of the stars
the summer night is lonely, full of haze
the sea reflects the silent air so dark
and good things never last, or so they say
But open up your heart, release your mind
and see the sun despite the purple sky
the waters laugh and sparkle, move and shine
the world goes round and round as echoes fly
And if the heavens give us pearls and dreams
and if a blue moon showers us with words
and if a shining diamond fills the seas
why can’t the starfish transform into birds?
Imagine that these clouds hold hands with love
and rain the stars from eyes to skies above

from Prince lyrics:
Good things never last is from "Sometimes it Snows in April"
Open up your heart is from "Around the World in a Day"

This poem previously appeared on Kerfe's website.

"purple dreams" by Kerfe Roig --
previously appeared on the artist's website

"SpiritSong (another way)" was inspired by the Police's "Spirits in the Material World," a song that Kerfe describes as "an appropriate song for our time."  Three of the four members were born in the 1950s.  This poem also appeared on Kerfe's website.

SpiritSong  (another way)
Blessed be the Spirits of Becoming
Our lady of the Silver Wheel,
waxing and waning with the moon,
reflecting back the circle of birth, life, death and rebirth.
Our Lady of Joy,
who lifts up our souls with melody
and transforms our movements into dance.
Our Lady of the Birds,
who grows wings on our wishes, hopes, and dreams.
Our Lady of Magic and Mystery,
silent and secret,
who shapes and shifts,
puzzles and predicts,
divines and deciphers,
casts and conjures,
and answers all question with a riddle.
Our Lady of the Rainbow,
who paints the infinite darkness with eternal light.
Our Lady of Wild Places,
guardian of the earth,
shepherd of the seas,
keeper of fire and wind,
shelter, shield, and sanctuary.
Our Lady of Healing and Renewal,
who embraces both body and spirit
with comfort, courage, restoration, and release.
Our Lady of the Weaving of Time,
whose threads mingle past, present and future
in a simultaneous, unfinished, ethereal tapestry.
Our Lady of the Crossroads,
who celebrates choice, change, and transformation.
To all who were are and shall be:
May our circles be open
but unbroken.

"Spirits" by Kerfe Roig
previously published on her website
Let's listen to some of the music that these poems evoke.
I'll start with Stevie Wonder's songs.  Usher sings this version of "If It's Magic" at the 2015 Grammys--but Stevie plays harmonica:
Stevie sang "As" at Aretha Franklin's memorial service or "homegoing":
I also want to include his 2014 performance of "Spain" with Chick Corea and the Vigil:
Let's see if I can find some videos of Prince's songs.  If I recall correctly, he was not a fan of YouTube.
Prince, Tom Petty, Dhani Harrison, and other artists play "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" at a 2004 tribute to George Harrison:
Todd Dunnigan et al perform "Around the World in a Day" at a tribute to Prince:
Lianne LaHavas covers "Sometimes It Snows in April" at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival:
A German group Musik for the Kitchen performs "Spirits in the Material World":