Sunday, September 3, 2017

Jazz Rengay!

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At last I am publishing some jazz rengay that I worked on with poets from New Zealand, Canada, and the US.  School has started, so I won't be posting as often.  Instead, you'll have more time to enjoy these collaborative poems.


strata of sounds
one disengages and wraps
around the others J

a new cocoon 
seamless and unmatched L

silk unravels
on a turn of breeze
honeysuckle I

the solo reveals 
saxophone glimmers gold
sunlight laughter M

across and through time
contrapuntal J

notes in transition
caught by summer clouds
emerge as epiphanies L

-- Julie Naslund, Leslie McKay, Ingrid Bruck, and Marianne Szlyk

Sunday at the Jazz Festival

I shed my old jacket
for an eccentric rhythm of DNA
even rust dances L

a riot of notes
jazz horn heats the stadium I

pulse and collision
double helix rises
new instructions J

desirous dissonance
from inception blue to the bone
homage to catharsis L

cacophonous cymbals clang
fuse drumbeats to toes tapping SE

dancing on Sunday 
we are notes rising

climbing the double helix  M

-- Leslie McKay, Ingrid Bruck, Julie Naslund, SE Ingraham, and Marianne Szlyk


a single note
pries apart the space between
temporal shift                                J

slow moving indigo and rust L

strand of green
sonic oxidation
dissolution J

grey fractures
tectonic plates breaking
primal arguments L

ricochet and echo
atomic exploration J

stampeding with pleasure
gaining momentum
hieroglyphics  L

 -- Leslie McKay and Julie Naslund

If you'd like to learn more about rengay, see this link:

Let's play some music from jazz festivals.  I'm going to focus on performances by Pacquito D'Rivera tonight...this morning.

I'll start with his "Panamerica" with the Panamerica Jazz Ensemble in Newport:

Next is a big band version of "Libertango":

"Bluesette" is from a tribute to Toots Thielsmans:

The Pacquito D'Rivera Quintet performs "Mozart's Adagio" in Detroit:

His sextet performs "Amancer":

I'll finish with his version of "Night in Tunisia":

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Hi Marianne,
    I've had these on my dock for weeks it seems. I keep going back to them and each time they reveal something else-- that initial strada of sound...
    The new jazz rengay--or maybe I didn't scroll far enough down, I like very much too--hieroglyphics. Thank you for the music I hear in the words.

    1. Mary Jo adds: I didn't at first see hieroglyphics so perhaps that is new. Very musical, all of it. I could hear the music in the words and like jazz, I liked the way the poets improvised.

  2. These words are music in themselves,very nice ,thank you Marianne,love and light,angelee

  3. Dear Marianne,

    The thoughts of others tied together provides the reader to find something unique in each of poet's views. The alliteration is a part to gluing the whole. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

    Blessings and best wishes,