Saturday, March 25, 2017

Celebrate the End of Midterms with Nicole Surginer and Carl Scharwath

Tonight I'd like to return to the blog-zine with Nicole Surginer's poems and Carl Scharwath's photographs.

Arches of Sappho

Arched landscapes painted
in prizmed realities.
Beauty locked in the
clutches of paralyzed time.
Frozen to infinity,
a hostage held
by  primeval machine.
An eternity lost
to a faltering compass.
Though bound in chains,
tethered to a heart
ingrained in stone;
Her spirit drifts
in shifting river flow.
Capsizing between shores
of penance and rage.
A timeless tale weaving wind,
fluttering paper doll wings
as words dance
from a faded page.
Shifting time as clouds glide
entranced by the arches.
Love captive in mourning
an ending she cannot accept.


I hold my silence in your distance
that you may live peace
In this place devoid of life,
where emptiness leeches
the color from my world, I linger.
Having failed to purge you from my
Blood, the plague of loneliness
pulses a cold I cannot shake.
My heart, shackled to your eternity
sees you in every stillness.
Your face in the beams of an
 early morning moon.
Hears your voice in the song
of a whispering wind.
Your heartbeat in the flutter
of dragonfly wings.
 She searches in endless frenzy,
 thirsting your taste in the fog.
Then in the dread of night,
she seeks you in my dreams.
A lifetime of full moons
and starless skies spent
 captive to her restless pull.
I am wearied from her plight.
For an empty heart is heavier
than a pillar of stone.

 I am trying to find some songs for this evening.  Before midterms I was listening to some intriguing lost albums from the 1960s and 1970s.  

I've found Charlie Rouse's "Bitchin'" from 1974:

This links to Ahmed Abdullah's entire album Life's Force.  However, I think it will be well worth the listen!

Back to grading tomorrow!

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