Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rita Marie Recine and Toula Merkouris

Recently Rita Marie Recine introduced her cousin Toula Merkouris to me.  Tonight I will be posting their poems together.  Perhaps one of these days they will collaborate on a poem as some poets do at Karen O'Leary's Whispers.

Rita's first two poems were inspired by Valeri Beers' prompts at Poetry Pasta.

Mama and me

As I lay awake at night i reminisce upon yesterday , so long ago.
when i was very young ..

The words that come to mind are the ones my mama said
Life is tough, life is rough you need to pave your way.
Life is tough, let it be it will get better you will see.

No need to fear, no need  for tears...My words are what you need to hear
for mama said "child don't you cry..

As the years go by a child of yours may come your way.
You guide it , you nurture it, you teach it to pray.

so long ago, i still hear her echo, her words...
today , when I shed a tear,,, mama's words are what i hear.
"Little child don't you cry.

look up at the  stars and reach for the sky.
Now i am older and look at whom I have become.
I realize and understand where my strength comes from
The echos of long ago.. remain refrain

Everyytime I shed  tear , mama's words  are what I hear ..
Her face is what I see 
this is what makes me be me.

Standing strong and free.
My mama and me

ritamarie recine
blank paper

I saw a blank paper by the walkway.
picked it up.
It was blank

There was  so much to write,so many words may have been revealed
Yet i left it blank
I speak with my heart.
for silence is golden

Words are etched in  stone 
words are etched in my spirit
i think with my spirit
i write with my heart

i speak  yet nothing is heard
my lips part
similar to the  sounds of silence
i dont speak of anyhting in particular
simply scattered verses

i dont speak , 
i write with my heart

I write, I compose
I live my dream

Ritamarie Recine
January 23, 2016

Toula's poem was inspired by her husband.  As she pointed out in her cover letter, "it highlights pivotal moments in [their] relationship over the last twenty years."

Walking Amongst Time
By Dimitra Merkouris

Walking amongst friends
Eyes recounting jokes not yet spoken.
In a throng of backpacks
There was one. Only one
With a bag slung across his chest. Across his heart.
I leaned back in my chair
Red lips smiling
Feet tapping

Walking amongst trees
Ears filled with birdsong not yet heard
There were two. Only two
Sets of footprints on the Earth. The hard earth.
Pine needles cushioned
Our steps
Wood smoke
Our lungs.

Walking amongst sheep
Heads hung low under the weight of a burden not yet lifted
Waiting to be carried. Always waiting.
An insurmountable

Walking amongst waves
Ankle deep. Knee deep.
Over our heads
We jump out laughing.
Salt stinging my eyes and the tiny razor cuts on my legs
And your face.
Watching a buoy bobbing in the distance.
A marker of time. Water flowing past.
I turn and stare
At the tiny hand grasping mine.
Red lips turn to blue. It’s time to go.
It doesn’t matter.
I know what to do. Because of you.
My eyes recount jokes not yet spoken.
You smile.

I'll finish with some more of Rita's poems:

Efferescence love whether

 love, young love, adoration, infatuation 
Their roles laid their foundation, significance of their devotion and admiration,  
a fundamental creation. 
Their names on a rock by the river side are etched in stone, 
Never had the sense of being alone... 
They write their initials on a tree childhood was so carefree, for her and he. 
Adulthood, they grew apart, their futures differed but, not the heart... 
Unknowingly  from the start they were consumed, in the air a breeze, the scent of their perfume. 

The essence of time passed them by,  
thoughts of one another remain,  
no matter how hard they tried  
Their lives were beginning to unfold,  
they wanted THEIR STORY told... 
their LEGEND OF LOVE was  of shimmering gold, 

Collegium years, University, many years had come and gone. 
Lives continued and they swiftly carried on. 
Their hearts were broken, similar to a life without laughter, without, song... No music.  
.Compared to broken thread, Their facial expressions everyone read 
Their hearts would never be the same... the love they had, 
time and time again it never came. 
Neither is a mother or a father, neither is a husband or a wife 
Each thrusted wholly, immersed in their own life. 
Many years have passed them by, sorrows, and pain, grey skies and rain... helpless... like the hummingbird who was unable to fly... 
Forever  there remained a tie. 
Their lives had once again intertwined, Suddenly their lives once again became intertwined a glance, they became anew, 
Fresh  like their once true love which is shared by few. 

Rita Recine 
Together they would walk, side by side, no longer they would hide, 
they talked, an everending prose. 
Hand in hand united, they would forever stand 
Young love was once again reunited, 
Similar to the summer garden's flowers which forever are abloom. 
yesterday's tragedy, is today's harmony... 
Content is the heart 

Only in death they do part...  


Let's finish with a little music.  

Here is the Platters' version of "Sentimental Journey":

The Flamingos sing "I Only Have Eyes for You":

Have I posted Hank Jones' "In a Sentimental Mood"?

Here is his "Beautiful Love":


  1. thank you so very much marianne and the song is.... you always touch my heat marianne with your wonderful pictures and creativity.. i am blessed to publish wiht my cousin toula merkouris... it is because of you we have had the opportunity to publish ... thank you once again

  2. Rita, you do write from the heart. I especially liked the last poem about moments in your life, the waxing and waning of love--that you are together again.
    Thank you for writing.