Sunday, January 31, 2016

Words and Images by Daniel de Culla

This evening I'd like to post some words and images from the international poet Daniel de Culla.  Enjoy!


This place, this time, this way

Oh, that place

It’s just where one feed the wind.

Walking to the river

The lover girl with eyes and heart in center

Her body with smoke and desire

Goes to find one place where she

And her lover friend stopped on the banks.

The Sun has its tide home going

Flashing the light thru the bush

Over the stream.

Love is on the same line of the river

And their Love is like a wheel.

She dreams with the only man to snore

A comfortable life.

Probably not?

She laughs at first looking for lover friend

Suddenly realizing his freedom only

Thinking to fall in Love

Toy with divertice

Even if he did blow over just being able

To pick up and come.

-Man, presence/absence

Is what makes this place so tolerable?

With my man I wll not be lonely

I will sense no mistake.

She feels her lover friend behind her

With a smile wider than his bronzed face


-Pretty, do You want to dance with me?

The Lovers pretty much

On their own into the shrubs:

The space of Love here¡

Translucency privileged to see

The union of sky and earth

Because they lived at the edge of Love:

Boy traveling her openness

In his girl venture now

She saying to plant a flower in her patio

And he saying then throw that check away

Lady “because I want to seal yr urn”.

-Love me, sir¡ she exclaimed.

Love exploded with them

Saying She:

Our bodies producing two flowers

And only together do we form a whole


We feel in Love with these pieces

Of sky and earth

Let us hear the pure light

Shining steady thru the Vulva

Opened for FireFlower

And be content.


Love has gotten us

Into this Ecstasy. -Daniel de Cullá

Since the fall/winter contests are now over, I'd like to play some music to prepare us for the spring/summer contests (inspired by Latin culture and/or jazz musicians born in the 1920s).  
Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain seems to fit the bill here.

I'll be posting the rest of the poems from the fall/winter contests throughout February.  Then, in March, the judges will be reading the poems.  I will announce the winners after they come to a decision.


  1. Lovely, Marianne. You're Yes.
    I enjoy You and yrs so much.
    Blessed Be¡

  2. Wonderful earthy God/Goddess art and poetry. Perfect for Imbolc! and the days to come...

  3. Thank Bea, You're yes. I enjoy Yrs. so much.