Saturday, January 9, 2016

Florida Paradise...and more!

Often during the winter we think about heading south, and Jerry A. Scuderi has written "Florida Paradise" to reflect this.

 Florida Paradise
 Rain your bow over condos tall ;
escort darkness ; gone .
Retirement beckons , propel your call .
Life's blooming with the dawn .
 Invite tranquility majestic palms .
Blossoms accent court and pools .
Bestow on us your soothing balm .
Time's weeded out the fools .
 Sprinkle , splash fountain matron
over crepe lined ponds .
Jungle trimmed greet us patron
gather , remiss , and  bond .
 Dive , pursue goose necked snake bird ;
seek murky treats .
Lower creatures never heard
such snouts , jaws , nor beaks .
 Offer your branches low set palm .
Eternity pomps a fragrant dish .
Entice , abet your song of psalms ;
console my dusk .  .  .   I wish .
                                                        Jerry A. Scuderi    September 29, 2015


The couple in the picture above could be the subject of Jerry's haiku sequence below.

 Sally and Hugh

Sundown, love found
Vow, spouse
reach, beach
wine, dine
tent, spent
haiku, dew, and . . . You !

Love shines
you are kind
brute, gentle, cute
true, loyal, You
Kiss me, miss me ?

Wobbles, bottles
coat, tote
delight, fright
scream, dream
new tiny coo
like You !

Blue shoes, hue
best prom dress
bright , glitter, night
lend  life  again
mom’s dear tear .

Hearty wed  party
paged aged sage
 find grand time
 loan end,  home
 still, . . . love you.

Of course, with Jerry's next poem, we come back to reality with a love poem of another sort.

The  parking  space

 I love you and I search for you;    licit beauty of mine .

The sun, moon, and the stars,    so dim to your shine .

I search the mountains, valley floors,    the plains, and the forest.

Don’t hide from me; you’ve heard my cries,    oh, my lovely lurest .

You own my heart and soul , you do;    to you I will be true .

Again you hide; oh, love of mine;    let me fondle you .

Your slender shape and waiting arms    fill me with intoxication .

Yet, you run, and hide, and bring in guys,    for my provocation .

With tears and beers, I come to you;    your loving arms are waiting .

You tear my heart and wrench my soul;    suitors you are baiting .

Come with me. Yes, you my dear;    oh, thing of style and grace .

When we’re one, its heaven’s fun;    oh, charming parking space .

Night’s to fall and I must go.    Leave you space, I must .
Our sun goes down, and darkness falls    on my tears and lust .

The morning comes, I search again;    oh, Diamond, “The Sought After”.

A suitor’s there and in my place.    Woe to me.    Disaster !

I'll finish with some music.  Let's go so far south that it's actually summer!  Let's go to Brazil.  I'll start with a song by guitarist and vocalist Joyce Moreno:

Here is Antonio Carlos Jobim's "One-Note Samba":

In the 1960s he collaborated with Sinatra:

I must add "The Girl from Ipanema" with Astrud Gilberto on vocals:

It turns out that Bebel Gilberto is not Astrud's daughter, but here is one of her songs, "Samba da Bencao":


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  1. Hi Jerry,
    You put me right on the beach with your Florida poems. Certainly in that relaxed atmosphere, love can blossom. Thanks for sharing some light-hearted verse with us as the cold of January hits full force.