Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cindy Evans and Rita Marie Recine's Summer Music

This evening my husband and I went for a walk after Jeopardy!, and even though it was still quite steamy, we realized that the nights were inching back.  Soon we won't be able to go for these walks anymore. Tonight I am making haste to post Cindy Evans and Rita Marie Recine's summer poems.  I'll start with Cindy.

 Summer Memory 
    (to my dad)

I still smile when I think of it,

there on the beach during vacation,

the band is playing on the stage,

we sway and move in motion...

You smile and remember

words from days gone by,

now brought alive again -

you sing along and so do I.

The waves gently lap in view

and there is a seagull or two

and the sun is setting

in brilliant glory and hues...

The band stops to take a break

and we stretch our legs some,

looking forward to the next set;

bring on the tunes and fun!

Cindy Evans

I've posted the picture above because I'm starting to prepare for the fall!  We'll pretend that he is relaxing after his Summer II classes.

Next is Canadian poet Rita Marie Recine's poem, which has also appeared at Poetry Pasta:

Music and life go hand in hand

Music  has given us  so much from generation to generation,
beginning with the  radio to the record player
music shall forever be
From  our ancestors, our parents,  siblings, children , spouses, for you and me

Sitting by the window sill

It's raining out

I focus on the phonograph   across the room

On the console table looking so gallant and stoic


It is of colour golden , plays all  types of music

Music similar to a bird ,  so sweet ,

Music ,  gives and receives in return.

Music and its tune are   fresh to hear far or near

Thanks to life we have music

Music for the singers we have admiration, music is a celebration

For all occasions, event and milestone

Music may be heard in  a group or on your own

Thanks to music , thanks to life

Music  eases our  mind and strengthens our soul

Music is  profilic,   makes us whole

Music, heart ache  , break ups and make  ups

Music takes us far away

all is joyous and melodious

 A ballad a sonnet rock n roll and country too

All are my favourite, depending the season depending the reason.

I listen to many songs.

 All  are right none are wrong

Music is one’s  dream , whether alone or in a team

Whether in two or a choir of 22

Music is beautiful, the tunes affect us all

The different chords instruments and ballads too

Music and life go hand in hand

We may shake to the rock n roll

Country give us breakups and make ups  ups

Talks about first love and up above

I sing and dance to the music which is around me .

Feeling blessed and feeling free

Music  and life go hand in hand

Opera give us the voice of divinity

Music equal infinity.

Whatever we  choose to listen too… it is always new

Provides pleasures, not annoyance

Strumming guitars, pianos and violins

All are diverse but all are love.

Music and life go hand in hand

Music captures our inner souls

Rock in roll and country  is my favourite

Would not have it any other way]

Thanks to life thanks to music

I choose it

Music gives  and one receives  .

one of life’s  best pleaseures

No one can relinquish

Music  and life go hand in hand

The different instruments , a ballad, rock n roll, country you choose

Whatever your  preference you never lose

Music  and life go hand in hand

I have danced barefoot  to my favourite tune,

 or sat quietly singing the  lyrics of new moon

Music enriches our lives

During trials and tribulations …music is a friend till the end

We must not pretend

All emotions are diverse yet all is the same

Music  and life go hand in hand

Music is an inspiration for poets, writers and artists .

A staple in our homes, no matter the gene, the style

Music eases our souls for awhile

Turning  a difficult  day into a relaxing one

A painful  moment into a joyous one

Music is  divine

with food and wine

Music  and life go hand in hand

Everyone likes different genres

Whatever the note
with  music we are all one

Thanks to music which has enriched our lives  much.
Rock roll country and much more
Music and life go hand in hand

Music  gives us distinctions from one chord to another ….
Enjoying every instrument like no other
music speaks about first love make ups and break ups
In my life I have enjoyed music in abundance

night and the morn, dark days and joyous days
Music may entice
The same song may be heard once twice  or thrice.

Music and life go hand in hand
All alone or in  a band
In our homes or in  the park
Hearing crickets and  birds in the dark

Music   reminds us of yesterday.
 Recalling our loved ones voices
    A graceful sound
The words, the tune I declare make us think and become aware
Music and life go hand in hand

Music has given us strength to our tiresome  feet,
As we walked the valleys and the courtyards

Arriving   home music is what made us smile  along the way
Music and life go hand in hand

music has given my beating heart and my eyes a magical feeling
Music and life go hand in hand

Thanks to music and life
Between crying and laughing
Music has provided me with the distinction between sadness and joy 
music is about both.

Music and life go hand in hand
Ritamarie Recine
July 19, 2015

Having finished reading Rita's poem, I have to post some songs from Stevie Wonder's Songs In the Key of Life.  I'll start with his "I Wish":  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYKYka-PNt0

Here is his "I'll Be Loving You Always": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyFypz1lya8

I must remember "Sir Duke," a song that was constantly on the radio back in the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmKshpLXnxE

I forget whether "Superstition" was on that album, but here it is anyway:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsRoXg5akks

I'll finish with "Have a Talk With God," a song that I remember from when I listened to the whole album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bYV9E0DFps

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