Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jerry A. Scuderi's Pet Poems

Spring is truly with us, I realized this evening as my husband and I willingly sat outside.  So I'd like to post some more spring poems--before it is summer once again.

Yellow Bird

Come to me , oh yellow bird ;
awake me to the dew .
Dart among the dawn beams ;
escort life anew .

Yellow bird fleet and flighty ;
speak to me your chattered tones .
Play upon the air and light ;
bring delights ; this life’s on loan .

Descend from a perch on tree top ;
to effortless of wing .
Spatter out my feed crop ;
mousse headed thing .

Flit to me striped black wing ;
whit of feathered friends .
To melodies you dance and sing ;
a song will you lend ?

Share with me your confidence ;
your carefree life secure .
I’ll be watching for your hints ;
tomorrow’s cares aren’t yours .
Jerry A. Scuderi 6-23-12

Working for Carrots

I'm a drop footed bunny man, a costumed clown.
I get wide eyed little ones wondering around.

In this bubble head, I'm air and vision bound.
I don't fret of getting lost ; I'll be found.

Molly Mae the toddler follows me around.
I'm up so high and she's way down.

Who's that? Billy Bob's tugging on my fur!
He wants candy; I hear " please sir ".

Cindy Lou spies me from way over there.
She perks up, looks about, but won't leave her chair.

Clueless Michael John is sleeping instead.
I'd bend to him, but I'll loose my head.

I'm a mammoth fuzzy cotton tail, a candy bequeath-er.
They'll be off to sleep soon; I’d so love a breather.

Sleepy eyed and mystified, toddlers say thanks.
They'll cry when I leave . . . Oh, . . . and I don't go in banks.
Jerry A.Scuderi March 28, 2012


Tabby cat, pretty cat, siamese mix come here kitty and do some tricks.
Here kitty, nice kitty, come to me. Can I hold you? Give us glee.
Here kitty, play kitty; fetch the ball. Jump and whirl, be fun for all.
I’m shy and afraid; I’ve been mistreated. I’ll run from you if I am greeted.
You’ll not touch me; I peek around corners. I do not play and I’m not a joiner.
Tabby cat, pretty cat, siamese mix come here kitty and do some tricks.

I’ve chosen my mistress; she’s real sweet. We’re off to bed where we both will sleep.
Her pillow is mine throughout the day; then I move to the foot so she can lay.
Here kitty, nice kitty, come to me. Can I hold you? Give us glee.
I’m a serious "little girl", brown, white, and peach, the mind of me you can not reach.
My man is gentle. When I need rub-in’; I go to him to get some love-in’.
Here kitty, play kitty; fetch the ball. Jump and whirl; be fun for all.
A more "perfect lady" you will not met. Load my plate and I will not eat.
I like small portions; then after grace ; I’ll wash my hands and then my face.
Tabby cat, pretty cat, siamese mix come here kitty and do some tricks.
Run kitty, hide kitty; don’t you fret. The sound of voices is all you’ll get.
Tabby cat, big girl had you times alone ?
Calm and relax now , . . . you’ve found a home .

 Jerry A. Scuderi October 6, 2011


Doggie, Doggie, bark, bark, yip , yip , yelp .
Lightings flash, thunders crash ; a beagle calls help .

A thunderstorm is all about, and you’re not going free .
Get in your house, and quiet down, and stop waking me !

You broke your leash and ran all day. You delighted in your roam .
You stayed and played with neighbor kids, and then came home .

In this summer’s blackness, thunder has arrived .
It shakes our bones; I’m glad we’re home; feel torrent from the sky .

This rain’s caught sniffer on a baking night .
Hurricane with its rains, tossed her to fright .

Silky coated yip-er , you quiet down, doggie .
You’ve mid-night woke me now, and I’m foggy .

I’ve dried your head, you’re garaged and fed , get to my chair .
Your lonely eyes give quiet smiles, but don’t bark you dare !

Lights are found, soaked is ground, drip, drip, drip .
Lay down with quiet sounds; to sleep we’ll slip .

Quiet doggie, hush doggie ; don’t you peep .
Serenity is sweet to me; and . . . we need our sleep !
Jerry A. Scuderi July 14, 2011

Pizza Pup

There is a pizza sitting on the table soft and round .
Aroma fair fills the air ; it's found a hungry hound .

There's no table guests but pizza's left sitting there .
Sausage bound doggie found ; soon to be going down .
Lilly , the hound looks around . There is a scent in the air .
Pepperoni disc neatly fits her jaws and her lips .

Don't leave your pizza on a table near a hungry hound .
She's sure to sniff , back paws lift ; good bye party sounds .

This hungry hound searches 'round nose at the ready .
With master gone , this little pawn is set , poised , and steady .

Thirty something brought in this bumpkin from the cold outdoors .
He washed her hair with love and care to party with his Coors .

Shocked, surprised ; disappointment rise ; " you ate it doggie " !
Tomato Lips shows bacon chips ; "Your future is foggie" !

"Out of my chair  to the chilly air ; you pizza greeter " .
"There you’ll stay ; it’s the price you’ll pay". "You three meat defeater" .

Floppy Ears went to tears ; dragging deli belly .
Outside she goes , to a nap she’ll doze , smiling and pizza smelly !

Jerry A. Scuderi 01-10-14

I hope that you'll enjoy these lighter, pet poems.  Here is some music to go with the poems:

The Charlie Parker Septet's version of "Orinthology" represents the birds:

John Coltrane actually made an album with Tommy Flanagan and Kenny Burrell called The Cats.  The song below is "Minor Mishap," which also fits "Pizza Pup":

I'm also going to include "Tommy's Tune," also from The Cats:

I had to go to Thailand to find jazz dogs:

Of course, there is always Big Mama Thornton's "Hound Dog":

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  1. I just love the bunny poem, it is absolutely delightful. Actually reading over these poems have put me in a good mood. THANKS!