Monday, April 6, 2015

By Gary Malone (Warning: Explicit Language)


This evening I'd like to post Alabama poet Gary Malone's "Young, Black, and Unarmed..." as part of the Mourning and Memory contest.  I've heard Gary read on Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram's BlogTalk Radio show, and the poem below adds much to the contest.

Young, Black and Unarmed…

Excuse me as I momentarily swallow my sorrow and
Redirect the energy of my pain
Having shifted my focus to blot out
The outpouring of mourning tears
After mornings of pouring down pouring rain
Parents grieving over their sons untimely demise
Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Grander, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell
While we wait on change
Tell me how and when a change is gonna come
Only through bluesy folk’s songs?
It’s difficult to not agree with 2Pac
And want to sodomize the police
Especially if grand juries keep on gang raping justice
No felony charges, misdemeanor or even probation, really?!
I understand all cops are not brutal
But police brutality does not seem
Impartial to the victims it choose
Young, black and unarmed
What must we do America to protect our
Young, gifted and black
We all are aware racism, inequality and injustice exits
Yet so does time, love and unity
Should we take the time to co-exist by
The commandment the Creator has already written
Love thy neighbor as you love thyself
Love is about unity and the advancement of spiritual health
War is about destruction and inevitable death
On this current battlefield
How do we honor our fallen comrades?
As victims of bias malice or as martyrs of change
To bring about equality within our judicial system
And an end to all police brutality 
When do we march, protest and react
Re-enact or implement new laws?
The day after witnessing another young victim
Of a wrongful police fatality.

By: Gary Malone Dec. 10, 2014 © 2014 

Gary's bio follows:

Gary L. Malone, l am a lifelong resident of Athens/Limestone County,  Alabama.  I have been writing since 2003. I write poetry, spoken words commentaries, short poetic stories on various topics,  social issues, religious,  love, comedy, etc. Along with writing,  I enjoy teaching the Word of God,  cooking, listening to music and spending time with family and friends. I also love to laugh. Two words to describe this Leo, creative and thoughtful. I thank God for my gift and every opportunity to share it.

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