Monday, January 19, 2015

Poems by Abdul Kabir Abu Irfan (or Prince Adewale Oreshade)

Another poet I've met through Facebook is the Nigerian-American Abdul Kabir Abu Irfan (or, since the beginning of 2015, Prince Adewale Oreshade).  This evening I'd like to post some of his poems for you to enjoy.  As you can see, a number of his poems are addressed to friends.

 a bird in the sky
for jennifer aduro.

i have heard of a jennifer, that one
the wife of arthur, the queen of england.
i have heard of a jennifer, that one
the free bird in the sky. i have heard of her.

i have seen her flight, as her wings
calmed the wind, and her subtle speed
touched the trees. i have seen her slide
down the spring with arms in the air.

i have seen her open her wings wide
with fear of nothing. nothing scares her
i see her fly steady, over the meadows
and the seas. i have seen her fly.

i see jennifer, not in camelot, and not
with merlin. i see her not with arthur
and not in the midst of war, no, not war
or poverty. i see jennifer in this blue sky.

with her being full of grace, and her
smiles filled with hopes. i see her feet
with blackberries, apples and oranges
strung to her ankles, those elegant pair.

i see jennifer walk in peace, wish for
fun. place to place with heart of silk.
to and fro her flight in the blue sky
she wished me well, yes, she spoke.

she wished everyone well. she flew
high and high, until our mouths were
open to the clouds. she is jennifer
the graceful bird in the deep blue sky.

olives and doves
lures of all beings
immersed in peace

violins and cellos
enchanting to the ears
recite me your poems

own my ears
never stop the rhymes
you bard of peace

inject all souls
brighten our hearts
empty our sorrows
(an acrostic for oliver onyibe) ‪#‎JustBecause ‪#‎Hehe

send her to the north
her highness will come home
and own her space of bliss

delicate and precious
ebony filled with beam
melody of the north

align with her in the south
reach for her voice;
yearns of fame

- release your whim
and touch horizons -
new worlds of truth

never seek the dim
own the stars
lose the wreath

amplify your words
own this realm
yours is the ink of lith

emulsion of souls

(an acrostic for shade mary - ann olaoye)

I don't think I've posted a version of "Ruby, My Dear."  Here is the Barry Harris Trio's version of this song:

Imagine the birds flying on this song!

I think that I've posted "Pannonica" on the blog, but I am going to add it here:

Here is a version of "Well, You Needn't":

I'll finish with Monk's version of "Caravan."  It's a relatively late performance:



  1. Beautiful poems of the spirit and heart Prince Adewale. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. These are spectacular poems. I am thrilled to have read them. Kudos to the poet.

    1. Thanks. You can