Monday, December 15, 2014

Mourning and a Sense of Martyrdom

copyright 2014 -- Ed Schelb

This evening I'd like to post some poems that Ed Schelb sent me for this contest in memory of Michael Brown and now Eric Garner.  He noted that "I did think that the poems I have been working on might work for your new contest, if obliquely. Certainly the poems are full of mourning and a sense of martyrdom…"


a promise
to convert
into a form
that can be
such arrogance
among the dying


I never wanted
to talk,
murmur, perhaps,
or growl,
and now it is
too hot
to breathe


of flesh
in the fossil
tissue to be
in its absence
even feathers
leave their misshapen

the eye outward
the eye inward
and then
the cataclysm
of where
they touch
or fold
into the other

words create
intricate traps
to capture pollinators

a wasp who guesses  wrong
ends up
as seed


Ed Schelb just sent me this image from the aftermath of the 1921 race riots in Tulsa, OK.  I am also pairing this image with a Wikimedia image from the aftermath of Katrina.

I'll close with a little music for you.  I've been on a Temptations kick for the past few days, so I am going to post two of their sadder songs.   

The first is "Just My Imagination":

The second is "I Wish It Would Rain":

I am adding Randy Newman's song about the 1927 flood in New Orleans:

I've been meaning to post Gene Clark's "Some Misunderstanding," and tonight is probably a good time to do so:

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