Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas and More....

Once again, I am a day behind, but I do want to post some more poems that Jerry A. Scuderi sent me.  The first is a Christmas sonnet, written in the form of letters.

A Christmas Sonnet

  Dear Santa, I’m Bobby ,  could you bring me a train ?
Hi,  I’m sister Molly ;  I’d so like a dolly .
We’ll make friends at school  with Patricia and Ollie ;
watch baby Jane  in the sunshine or rain ;
be helpful and courteous ,  not selfish or vain .
We’ve decorated the house  with lights and holly .
We’d  so love to hear  your "ho, ho’s" so jolly .

                                                                          Bobby and Molly

Dear children, with my sleigh I’ll visit your lane .
See Sally and Mike  and all little tykes .
I’ll bring presents and toys ,  surprises and bikes .
So obey Mom and Dad ;  be kind to your siblings .  
Delight in your Christmas ;  on me you can depend .
No:  sad or naughty ,  fussing nor quibbling .
I love you now and forever ;  always ,  .  .   .  and  with-out  end .


The second poem is more religious, addressing the Christ Child.


Oh, little Babe on a silver night ;   You struggle for breath, to bring me light.

Why come for me, in this land of woe ;   I work and strain, no place to go.

Tiny arms and hands to stretch and hold ;   this world of mine, worth more than gold ?

Why, come for me? You scream with life ;   Maker of all, of power and might.

With creeks and coos, here’s family and friends ;   Mom’s wide eyes wonder to come what end?

Why come to me on this rock and dome ?   Your plan stands ready to take me home.

Oh, little One here, of love and care ;   You’ve joined our family to work and share.

You’ve come for me to right my wrongs ;   through blood and tears, . . . through countless years.

You’ve come of Love to show Your way ;   to free, redeem, . . . my choice obeys.

You’ve come to me to bring my way ,   to laugh and play, . . . oh, come what may.

Love sent You here to teach and show ;   to be my Hope,   my Trust,   my Glow.

To show me how    to love always ;   You made me so,   to spend my days.

Oh, Little Babe,   oh, show Your Light ,   and be with me through dark of night.

And in my days ,  .  .  .  in times alone,   show The way  .   .    .  then take me home.        


The holidays are also a time for nostalgia:

Mama’s Keys

Play for us your old songs,   Mama ;
babes babble at your knees .
Ne’er a thought of youthful long ;
pound rhythm from those keys .

Raise for us a smile for life ;
your beauty shines of youth .
Gone are carefree primping nights ;
drinking sodas in a booth . 

Infuse in us your children ;
courage to face the day .
Character you’re buildin’ ;
boogie runs weariness away .

Bang your swing of long ago ;
emit firmness of purpose .
With sailing comes a time to row ;
we’ll clear life’s abyss .

Your piano here sits all alone ;
so quiet are the keys .
I’ll remember lessons shown ;

to children , friends , and   me .

I always enjoy a city poem:

At  96th.  and  2nd

Wake city , wake   at 96th. and 2nd ,
your peoples stir   as you call and beckon .

Ramble  early city workers ;
first to awake the streets .
Now to replace the moonlit lurkers ;
the gaudy , the bold ,  and the meek .

Where are you going   city young ;
of straight up chin and step ?
Blank look accompanying an  I-pad hung ;
does your life have design and depth ?

Comply people ,  sprawl people , everywhere ;
have you committed care ?
An old man bristles over hump and cane ;
are you to noticed him there ?

Wake city , rise city   at 96th. and 2nd ,
your virility stirs as you call and beckon .

Gala your streets   in high skin heels
brisk click past morning sights .
Have you often noticed a time to yield
to shift bearers of the night ?

Wake city , bustle city   at 96th. and 2nd ;
all will kindle and plot their way .
The young , the old , the broken ,   I reckon ,
to usher in the novelty of day .

"Crystal Ladies" is another urban poem:

Crystal Ladies

City Lady of glass and of stone,    how is your heart, could you make me a home? 

Demand and control in a boardroom you can.    Mind, I’d give my heart to a raggedy Ann. 

You’re sleek and cool in crushed wool’s embrace.    You’re a lady of what, of glitter or grace? 

Strut through my streets, my vision of love;    attractive and smart, have you come from above? 

Self contained city girl, how is your heart?    Is it open to another? Will you do your part? 

  City Lady of steel and of brick    have you a heart of love or of mischief and tricks? 

Climb that ladder, you strain as you spiral.   Will you listen to me; give credence to my will? 

Your arm’s hooked on Prada. Wow, that sway as you walk!    My glasses fog up with your chattering talk. 

The angels envy your heavenly face;    though courtship is more than a smiling embrace. 

Self contained city girl, you’ve a life to unfurl.    May I catch your attention; may I give you a whirl? 

  Marble Lady of quick footed pace,    is there a heart under that satin and lace? 

Have you left your family for the "Apple" alone?    Is your emotional safety net just your cell phone? 

Studded high heals with long leg appeal,    will you consider my needs. On my will can you yield? 

Is there life with in you? Have you a heart to share?    Can you suffer for me? Are willing to care? 

Self contained city girl do you live all alone?    My heart, if I give it, is not to be thrown. 

  City Lady, Jasmine Lady, with a step that invites,    will you let someone in, past that "air" that will bite? 

Chin up, eyes down, city lady on city streets.    Rattled and shaken; I’ll make a chance that we met. 

Feathered hat, matching scarf, how you accessorize !    Have you a heart of slate? Are your playing disguise? 

Hearts, though not made to be broken, should be given away,    to one so deserving, to one here to stay. 

Self contained city girl, you’re as sharp as a brick.    In this city of glamour, don’t get cut on the glitz. 

  City Ladies of Broadway in towers of stone,    show me your heart, show me you soul!                                   Are you warm to the touch, or city street cold? 

Self contained city girl, finding love takes a toll.   Are  you,  MY ONE,   to have  and    to hold?

"Crystal Ladies" goes well with "Calendar Cowboy":

Calendar   Cowboy

Calendar Cowboy   of sleek body frame   
can a love compete with your beauty and fame ?
See your lasso and saddle,   blanket and bridle ,   
can you love me forever ; have a face that says "I will" ?
Pin-up Cowboy   whom ladies adore ,
will you forsake the herd ; love me evermore ?

Bare breasted Cowboy   with a look "far away"
can you be gentle and tender ; keep life’s wolves at bay ?
In buckles and cowhide,   so chiseled and tall ,
will you shop  and walk with me in the malls ?
Saddled  Herd  Rider   are you all about show ?
Are you hollow and empty,  all glitter,  no glow ?

High mountain Cowboy   with a body of brass ,
can you love and cherish, make a bond that will last ?
In your western outfit,   you look so appealing ,
can you cope with my world of emotions and feelings ?
Spur booted  Ranch  Hand,   see some ladies swoon.
For me will you  rope  and  lasso the moon ?

Calendar Cowboy    steady as a rock ;
are you patient through mood swings ? If so, I’ll take stock .
Will you wipe snotty noses ;   love me with the flue ;
be devoted and attentive when the mortgage is due ?
Pin-up Cowboy   are you self-less or vain ?
Will I find me a Cowboy and make a home on the range ?

Before we know it, it will be Valentine's Day and then Spring.

In the meantime, here is some music for you:

We'll start with Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby":

Nat King Cole sings "The Christmas Song":

This is The Temptations' version of "Silver Bells":
I'm told that Eddie Kendrick sings lead here.

I want to recognize the religious aspect of Christmas, though, with The Temptations' "Silent Night":

Nat King Cole sings my favorite Christmas song, "O Come All Ye Faithful":

Although I've promised spring, I will end with Boyz II Men's "Let It Snow":

Apologies to those of you in Maine and Buffalo!

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