Wednesday, October 1, 2014


copyright 2014 -- Regina A. Walker

I'd like to start off the fall contests with Regina Walker's moving poem "Hiraeth" -- and her beautiful photograph of the Lower East Side.  Regina and I were both part of the dynamic Felino A. Soriano's new journal Of/with, and I'm happy that she is now part of The Song Is... as well.  


I am the water
That washes the fruit
My children will eat.

I am the tear
That falls from the eye
Of the mother at her child's graveside.

I am the shot of fluid
That escapes the needle
Before that moment of relief.

I am the last drop of vodka
The alcoholic swallows
Before he says "no more."

I am the dirty melted snow
That trickles into the gutter
Bringing along small pieces of garbage and debris.

I am the stream
That slowly, slowly wears away the stone.
Moving, traveling, disappearing....

by Regina Walker

Regina Walker is a writer, photographer and psychotherapist in NYC. Both her writing and photography have appeared in various publications and her photos have been on display in a number of galleries in NYC, Florida, NJ, Los Angeles, CA and Woodstock, NY.  Regina Walker is the Senior Writer for Revolution Magazine USA and can be reached

I hope that you will also explore the wonderful work at Felino's journal: Of/with.  Regina's poems and photographs are on pages 60 to 65.  Clifford Brooks and Holly Holt's poems also appear in this issue:

I'll close with a few of Gene Clark's songs from his collaboration with Carla Olson.  I am not sure whether Regina intended this poem for the Clark contest, but his songs fit the mood of her poem well.  Enjoy!


  1. ~wonderful work~mother & the city:-}~

  2. Gorgeous stuff --love the poem and image together.

  3. Thank you, WordWulf and Jack. Regina's poem has been incredibly popular. :)

  4. Incredibly moving, great identification and photography

  5. Thank you, Leighton. Regina won prizes for both her poems and her photography. I hope that she is also in the next Of/with since that is a great venue for both.