Sunday, September 7, 2014

Today and Tomorrow are the Last Days to Vote....

You may still vote in The Song Is...'s summer contest, but after tomorrow it is too late!

For more information, see the links below:

Also, if you vote for someone who has more than one poem that is eligible in the category (especially Thelma's Prize), please let me know which single poem you are voting for.  Thank you.  :)

Please feel free to pass these links on to your friends who love poetry.  

Thank you to everyone who has voted already.  

And here is some music to inspire you for the fall contests:

Four pianists (Mulgrew Miller, Kenny Barron, Benny Green, and Eric Reed) tackle "Blue Monk": (better audio, worse visual) (better visual, worse audio)

Benny Green plays "Monk's Dream":

I've gone off YouTube and onto NPR for the Benny Green Trio's performance on Dee Dee Bridgewater's Jazz Set:

Enjoy!  And vote!  

"Cat Dance" -- copyright 2014 by Bea Garth

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