Saturday, August 30, 2014

Voting for the Contest (part 1)

Starting Sept. 1 and continuing to Sept. 15, you will be able to vote for your favorite poem in one to four categories.  Each person may vote once in each category and in one method (email to thesongis at gmail dot com *or* Facebook).  Poets may vote, and they may promote their poems.  Musicians may vote, too!  When you vote, though, be fair (and kind, if you comment).  Winners of the contest will be announced shortly after Sept. 15.  And yes, there are prizes.

The categories are Thelma's Prize (all poems included as full text in the e-zine are eligible), Jazz...Ron Carter & After (new name--for poems inspired by musicians born on May 4, 1937 and after), Jazz Traditions (for poems inspired by musicians born before that date), and Jazz...Is Local (for poets within the DC metro or DMV area).  I haven't set up a category for art work or music, but please feel free to comment on that as well.

The following poems are eligible for Thelma's Prize.   Please vote for only one poem in this category.

Mary Jo Balistreri -- "Jivin'" and "A New Metered Riff" --

Brenardo -- "Yellow"

C. Clifford Brooks III -- "Blues 'round Midnight" and "Meeting Old Man Scratch"

Bea Garth -- "Way Back," "Old Young Man," and "Willy Nilly"

Gabrielle Grunau, Ph.D. -- "Inspired by the First Movement"

H.R. Holt -- "Mehliana exorcism"

Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram -- "Billie in the Morning"

Eric Lloyd -- "Jazz Most Elusive"

Avis D. Matthews -- "Metaphorical"

Joan McNerney -- "Jazz"

Ed Schelb -- "Blue Logic" and "Sweet Sovereign Fleurs de Mal"

Jerry A. Scuderi -- "Jazzman," "Shoreline," "Sentinels," "Sun City," and "Synthesis"

Felino A. Soriano -- "towards smile and its fundamental creation," "electronic dance and its configurations," "in this piano-glare fade from," "inflection rally my speech encompasses junction,"
"vibratory nuances in the celebrated fathoms of music," and, his collaboration with photographer Mary Judkins, "colorful thinker."

Russell Streur -- "Johnny James"

Changming Yuan -- "Jazz on the Animal Farm," "Jazz Impromptu for Allen and George Yuan," "The Harpist and His Audience," "Music," "The Cosmic Music," "Rhapsody of Night Sky," and "Intermezzo of the Flute"

See pt. 2 for the other categories!

"Empathy" -- copyright 2014 by Bea Garth
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