Sunday, February 24, 2019

Welcome to Hiram Larew!

Photo by Chris Thomas/President's Malaria Initiative

Tonight I'm posting the poems that Hiram Larew, a DC-area poet, sent me a while back.  Enjoy!  Thank you, Hiram, for sending these poems.


Mark my words --
cakes are cakes
and there will always be someone
who’s better than you.
Of course
that’s why we have years on years
to cast about.
It’s also true that
as surely as you won’t you will change
like grass does at any fence.
I know because I know.
Up on top remember this --
children never notice the weather
because really all that days do 
is float by.

Here is a lovely poem!

Image by www_AMP_watch on Pixabay


When I know exactly what to say
In ways that hum even better than trees
Then I’ll step up to woo you
But for now what I do  
very badly
Is a dazed is-that-so look --
All I’m good for is just staring

And in case it matters
My legs are like mud 
So I can hardly imagine moving or doing or really even trying

But in fact I do take take heart from  
this Spring breeze called maybe
and from that somewhere that has hardly sung
in years
I feel a future coming that will stop at least
long enough to wink --
Blink is how I love you
Don’t make me tell you in any other way. 


Music can live alone
Water does run uphill
October’s leaves will blow into piles
Battles somehow dissolve into fernshade.

Take courage as you crack these eggs --
No, what happens isn’t fair 
But I promise
It’s ten times juicier than the moon. 

Larew's poems have recently found page space in Contemporary American Voices, The Wild Word, Viator and Voices Israel.  On Facebook at Hiram Larew, Poet and at Poetry X Hunger.

As for music, since my husband and I just came from listening to Delfeayo Marsalis' quintet, I'll post his music.

This is "Autumn Leaves" where Marsalis is joined by his father, his brother Jason, and his bassist.

Here is a live version of "Cantelope," so you'll get some of the club experience.  

I'll finish with his Uptown Jazz Orchestra's version of "Skylark":

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