Sunday, October 21, 2018

Rita Marie Recine Goes to Woodstock

In the summer of 1969

Nearly 50 years ago  in the summer of 1969 August 15-August 18
.. 400 - 500 thousand people  young and old and  poor joined together .
The   biggest celebration in history of love, music and peace – the historic Woodstock Festival, a legendary event

they arrived in  groups , with some friends
a hiatus from the  real world
from north , south, east and west of America

running from  reality
to join their fellowman  in total harmony , festivity

from om the real world of chaos and stress
took a drive to Woodstock to decompress...

flower children on the roads

We need  to enter the garden  of spirit, flowers, peace and love
the rock and roll bands ... played for 3 days
there were many... all was permitted
Lucy  in the sky with diamonds was there.
in the summer of 1969

Everywhere, everywhere. there was smog, fog
people nestled ... on a log..
some restsed others not...  freedom of choice.... it was those three days or 4

My daughter Bianca has a friend
her name is cristina surely they would have participated .. in this era, newfound generation
peace signs in their rooms ..., heirlooms
Today i speak of Woodstock in its original form.

400 500 thousands gathered those three days
as others fled others gathered,
coming from east wet north, south
in the garden it all began young love...
drove day and night
until they saw a light

A newfound generation was born .
Wishing I was there... to join the group , be in the loop..amazing , priceless ...

 The girls with their own style of bohemian , with cropped tops  were themselves...
US....wanted to be recognized
in the summer of 1969

No restrictions , after all it was the 60s and 70s 
much was prohibited ... Not in Woodstock, all was permitted
almost all 
In the summer of 1969

A journey of love peace and song
all were brothers , and sisters..
sharing the same ideologies, not stigmatized...nor categorized
all was glorified... 

 music, a ring of  fire , burning 
solemnly like the spinning  wheel ,  whatever they called it then .
 lucy in the sky with diamonds gave purple haze, an amazing gaze...
in the summer of 1969

a milestone ... a memoir of moment...
all was good
 no worries
 no hurry

 songs of love , chanting peace release ... thank you and please 
In the summer of 1969

 free culture was not for all  some would have preferred staying home  alone 
the man or woman being  single ,chose not too mingle

Saying No to Woodstock, and all its ventures
wanted a new direction.......
 Many thought this festival wouldn't last.
a thing of the past

 the idea to  dissipate  in a sea of high tide 
On the contrary
What a wonderful ride
In the summer  of 1969

All  that cannot be an experience , be it philosophy, sociology , psychology...
a Woodstock adventure on a 600 acre farm .... 
yes they were their music and audience attendees .. are streamers
In the summer of 1969
all were hippies  that is whe they wanted to go
in the summer of 1969 from august 15 to 18 ,, day and night 
summer of 1969

If ever you get an opportunity to go to bethel new york
make a pit stop ... where a piece of history still remains.
On a rock there is
In the summer of 1969
 a Woodstock venture  where all did flock
Joni Mitchell inspiration...

the truth be told
most have  gone to the promise land , with their music , the world has won
still spoken about in novels, music or in prose

today most have all gone, the hippie days are a part of  the past
50 years  have passed us by.
. history
few are left to spread the word  of peace and carry it on
it truly is a rock and roll heaven
the righteous brother had it right from the start

Woodstock Peace, Music & Memories history was made
memories do not fade
harmonious and catastrophic

Today is perserved , its origins , the world is still rocked by its story.
a legendary festival .. which  will be no more
the  greatest celebration of music and people  in 1969.

Let's go to the music!

DeJohnette, Grenadier, Medeski, and Scofield recently covered Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock":

Cassandra Wilson covered Joni's "The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines":

If you prefer your "Woodstock" with lyrics, here is Richard Thompson's version from the 2001 tribute to Joni Mitchell:

Since the cover of his album Dreams is pretty trippy, I'm going to switch to Gabor Szabo's "Ferris Wheel":

I'll finish with Larry Young's version of "Moontrane":

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