Sunday, October 8, 2017

Welcome to Mendes Biondo!

Painting by Vincent Van Gogh is in the Kroller-Muller Museum

This morning I have the honor to present some poems by Mendes Biondo, a fellow contributor to Resurrection of a Sunflower.  Mendes, by the way, is also the editor of Ramingo!. 

The wheat came in sunny days

An old sunburned man
with wrinkled hands
throws seeds on ground
his smile like a sickle
awaiting for the harvest
in the sunny days

it will come the storm
said his children

let it come
said him to them

it will come the winter
and crows will eat seeds
said his children

let them come
said him sowing

and he continued
year after year
sowing and reaping
the fruit of the wheat

and every year storms
and winter and crows
came with the cry of children

but the mill has not stopped
his slow slow work
and the wheat came
every year

in the sunny days

This painting, too, is by Van Gogh.

Willie Mcbride's Last Bravado

last night I stole
twenty red poppies
as a morning gift for you

the roses
you know
            they cost so much
and the tulips
            they are out of my possibilities

but that big field outside and far
it's full of red poppies in may

so I stole twenty poppies

because I could not bring more

My Tongue Is Like An Old Man

my tongue is like an old man
when I speak
when I write
when I think
in another language

as an old man
my tongue needs
an always-ready crouch
a chair or a sofa
where to lay its body

my tongue it's like a young lover
burning with desire
to discover the beloved body

as the hand of a young lover
my tongue moves itself
through creases and
shapes and
tastes and
of the beloved body

my tongue is like a spectacle lens
that needs papers and letters
to lay on

as the lens
my tongue changes
the words
the worlds
I speak

I don't think I've played Gary Bartz' music for a while.  He is a favorite of ours, and my husband even ran up to him for an autograph.  (He doesn't do that very often.)

Let's go back to 1976 for "JuJu Man":

"I've Known Rivers" is even earlier:

"Peace and Love" is from the same album:

"On a Misty Night" takes us to 1990:


  1. These are wonderful! I love them all!

  2. I enjoyed all three but was particularly fond of "My Tongue is Like an Old Man"....!