Saturday, May 27, 2017

Restless Wanderer (A Photo Essay by Alex Conrad)

Dans la rue

Je vais attendre

Birds' Nest

An Angel's Angle

Linear Alignment

The Sky's the Limit

A Woodsy Wonderlust

Robert's Unchosen Pathway

Restless Wanderer
By Alex Conrad

The 8 am alarm sounds,
Loud and piercing,
Tearing through sinews of fantastical visualizations.
Morning routines rushed right through,
The clothes are a facade that many choose painstakingly,
Knowing that impressions count more than most.
The shoes slipped snugly supporting soles.
Ready for the day to begin.

Stepping outside the doors of sanctuary.
Blinking, shaking with anticipation,
Unsure of what lies ahead.
Slowly meandering towards a stop of transportation,
Waiting for the next chariot to arrive.

Walk through robustly full halls
Of higher learning teaches me to wholeheartedly observe
Those who walk between the pages
Of Poe, Confucius, and Emerson,
But don't realize what they're reading.

Finely toothed combing dispels worry,
Filling minds with the rinds of texts,
Embracing the irreplaceable,
Grasping at wispy contents and dreams.

Charismatic Grappling Crosses

Une Autre Rue

Awaiting the Arrival of Another Way

A Broken Hearted Doorway to Life

Blue Bonnet Bus

Azure Horizon

Linear Regression Plot Line

Ghostly Reminder of Lonely Nights

I am amazed at the way that Alex transforms the everyday whether it is a subway car or an intersection in the suburbs.  He's very talented!

I'll finish off with some music.  I was listening to some music that pianist Ahmad Jamal made in the 1970s.  It calmed me when I was anxious about grading; perhaps it will calm you down on a Saturday or Sunday.

This is Jamal's "One":  It is calming yet stimulating.

"Eclipse" is from his 1974 album Jamal Plays Jamal:

Who wants to go to "Swahililand"?

I'll finish with Jamal's cover of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are":

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