Saturday, January 14, 2017

Claudia Messelodi and Angelee Deodhar

Tonight I have haiku in English and Italian for you from Claudia Messelodi.  These pieces originally appeared in her 2016 book, Blue Moon (Arcolibri Publishing House).  She wrote the haiku in English and then translated them into Italian.  I follow this order below.

The verdant fir limbs
relentlessly whirl and wheel -
whispers of the wind.

Agili abeti,
turbinii di danze al
soffio del vento.

First day of Autumn -

beds of leaves and our hearts
only one colour.

Ventun settembre -
letti di foglie e il cuore,
solo un colore.

Autumnal soulscape -
sea and sky converge into
a barren bare blue.

D'autunno il cuore -
acqua e cielo di un solo
azzurro scalzo.

Ochre horizon -
on straw-yellow ripples, boats
glide towards the night.

Orizzonte ocra -
su onde di paglia, barche
verso la notte.

Dandelion beds -
the limpidness of March once
again on my path.

Denti di leone -
lucentezza di marzo
sul mio sentiero.


Claudia Messelodi lives in Italy where she works as a foreign language teacher at a secondary school. She is the author of five poetry collections. She loves writing haiku and other short forms of poetry both in English and Italian and sometimes in other foreign languages too. Her poetry has appeared in many anthologies and publications over the last few years and was also honored with several awards.

Angelee Deodhar sent these haibun to be published around the time of the Indian New Year.


winter evening
the beggar’s breath
joins smoke from the fire*

The homeless sleep outside, trying to preserve body heat under a pile of cardboard boxes or layers of clothes. Some die. About 700 a year in the United States. When I read this report, I was reminded of the dreaded  winters of Northern  India where temperatures plunge below zero degree Celsius, and the death toll rises into the thousands.

In the warmth of a homeless shelter, they would survive, but they can’t always get a shelter bed. Hungry, suffering untreated pain, being dirty, carrying all of one’s contagious belongings, the worst of all is the lack of shoes that fit. Shelters rarely accept their animal companions. Many people prefer sleeping outdoors to giving up their beloved pets.
whirling dervishes
in a  homeless body
white silence
Notes :Moirai often known  as the Fates,were the white-robed incarnations of destiny

           *Haiku for E.S.Lamb   
Previously published in bottle rockets 2015
Image courtesy

Haibun :Highlighter

While proof reading and editing, I listen to  the music from yesteryear ,remembering how we danced all night. Now all I do is tap my feet to the tantalizing music …till my grandson insists I dance with him. I oblige and we dance slowly till he realizes I am quite out of breath. We stop, bow seriously, to each other till he kisses my hand; at three and a half he is quite the charming gentleman!

And then he dances solo ,whirls, twirls, dips and bows, then dances en pointe to a free rhythm,waist, hips legs, arms, moving smoothly till the climactic flinging himself into his dad’s arms!

                     gran'ma    and the antique clock    both cuckoo

Painting The dancing lesson by Thomas Eakins Watercolor on off-white wove paper

Let's dance to Gaetano's Italian Jazz Band's "Mambo Italiano":

Here is Roberto Pregadio's "Chuvinha":


  1. Dear Marianne,I enjoyed Claudia Messelodi's haiku and the photos thhat you have chosen to go with them,Congratulations to you and to her,with best wishesfor a Happy Creative New Year,love and light,angelee

  2. I loved reading Angelee's haibun, they are so deep, poignant and uplifting. Many thanks Marianne for your support and appreciation,

  3. What visualization...took my breath away! A delight to read Angelee always...

    whirling dervishes
    in a homeless body
    white silence

    Thanks Marianne for Claudia Messelodi's enchanting haiku and the captivating photos.

  4. very enjoyable and can relate to so much angelee ! beautifully written ! love

  5. "gran'ma and the antique clock both cuckoo"; just what one needs to brighten up the day!

  6. Many thanks for these ... grateful for the sensitive look of what life on the farthest edges is so sadly about in Angelee's haibun on homelessness... heartbreaking to imagine what the homeless go through in their day to day just to stay alive a true to their own being.
    Really enjoyed Claudia's great photos to go with her haiku ... Beautiful. Many blessings and all best in this New Year , Marianne. always now, Tom

  7. Congratulations Claudia and Angelee on the wonderful artistic experiences! The song is... is a beautiful journal, a blessing to the writing community. I'm glad both of you have shared your your talent for our reading pleasure. Thank you, Marianne, for your wonderful gathering of the gift of words.

    Blessings to all three of you...

  8. Dear Claudia,Neena,Arvinder,John ,Raveesh and Tom,Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.It means so much to me.Thank you for giving these haibun a home on thesongis,dear Marianne,love and light,angelee

  9. Thanks for sending me the link, Angelee : )

    I enjoyed both your haibun. The one about homeless people especially resonated, reminding me of the 1 1/2 years I spent living in the derelict Eel Pie Island Hotel after avoiding the Vietnam War. A few idiots over the years have told me how lucky I was to have lived in a commune in the sixties, and I bite my tongue and repeat the mantra "no one ever chose to live on the street" (we just chose to live, whatever it took).

    And I very much enjoyed the one about dancing with your grandson. Yep, we all tend to get a bit 'cuckoo' as we age and experience first hand the fragility of human existence.

    peace, love and light,