Friday, August 26, 2016

Rita Marie Recine ...Upon Reflection

Summer is winding down, but the holidays will be with us soon.  To remind us of that part of the year, I'd like to post Rita Marie Recine's "Ode to My Grandmother's Tablecloth."

An ode to my grandmother's tablecloth

the table cloth is set in  the dining room ,
on the table it rests
of golden colour with a tinge of green and red flowers adorns its center

it looks so magical, creating a feast of its own

It  is made by my ancestor,my grandmother
 made by hand .. with needle, thread and twine

In the home the tablecloth took its stand.
 food was placed on it. dishes set....for all the people who crossed their path, for all those they met. 

I reminisce and think,a  dress for the table.. a vestment
the colour  may fade by  years of washing,
  many stains, its  bond remains, no refrains.

The  table cloth has been around for centuries
  Its presence has  been part of quiet conversations or  uproarious laughter from old friends and family too

it has been made by my ancestor, with needle thread and twine
their creation ,my admiration

  Does she hear me ....i do not know.....i utter to myself
i hope so and thank you

it was an empty canvas a piece of questions were sought
Her  hands so  refined...i  observe her decor with , love although now  she is up above..

the colours , so  elegant.... diverse patterns ..  so eloquent with all of its glory.. 

all comes together , a tapestry a masterpiece 

with thread, needle and twine white linen or colored my ancestor  crocheted, sewed and embroidered
point to point so pretty.

tablecloth table still remains ..... like the bedsheets.
I imagine her near the fire

the make-up of her craft was voluntary.
tablecloth table still remains as the sheets.

all embroidered with red, white, green
with a beautiful flower in the middle ... a craft, an art of yesterday
crochet  sewing and embroidery

With her magic  she created her art, 
The tablecloth on the dining room table still remains

 A memory, a marvel, majestic
a gift as beautiful as its creator

 My ancestor

an ode  to my grandmother, to the sheets, blankets, and always the tablecloth that remains resting on  the  dining room table

rita marie recine
january 8th 2016


presents a token of appreciation, 
presence ,, forever a celebration
distinguish the two
well wishes are all one needs ,
together united , your presence is of importance
no presents are necessary
your presence is our gift,
sharing with us this sacred day
no glasses, no dishes, no lines please
sit down relax , celebrate with ease

no need for presents  no  need  for a fuss
simply be with us in our journey and celebrate with us
your presence is our present
you are  our guest... the most precious of all requests


Serendipity is it faith or luck?
Is it the plan?

One day  you came to me.
serendipity was to be.

Events and coincidences came my way.
Chance was here to stay.
Sent by a higher energy.
This is what I call serendipity.

Serendipity is it faith or luck?
Is it the plan?

Serendipity occurs at least once in ones lifetime.
Romantic, marvelous, magical.
Two kindred souls meant for one another.
No accident, destiny, serendipity

Adoration, infatuation.
in no order.

Serendipity is it faith or luck?
Is it the plan?

A colourful rainbow . a bar of gold.
Warm or cold.
They met for the first  time.
Admired one another,went their separate ways.
They thought of one another, day by day.
Never had the sense of being alone...Reborn.

Serendipity , a fundamental creation.
Time passed, they grew apart.
Their futures differed ,not the  heart.

Serendipity is it faith or luck?
Is it the plan?

Looking all around feeling each other nearby.

Their lives began to unfold.
Years had  come and gone
Battles were lot , others won
Their lives carried on.

Reunited once a friend..
A blind  date,may have been fate?

This is what I call serendipity.
The moment of time had come.
Their lives once again intertwined.
beginning anew.
A true love shared by few

Together they walked side by side
Hand in hand.
Together they would forever stand
Serendipity was their story.

yesterday's silence became today's harmony.
Content is the heart.
Only in death do they part.

Serendipity,a legend which has been written from the  ancient times.
Serendipity is it luck, fate or the plan
Serendipity, you decide...
I also want to include a link to Rita's poem "The Rose and the Facets of Its Beauty," which is published at an Italian site.  The poem is in English!

Right now my husband and I are listening to Hank Jones' performance of "The Summary":

"Ah, Henry" is also lovely:

I'm going to include "Upon Reflection," the title cut from this album, a tribute to his younger brother Thad Jones:

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  1. Dear Rita,

    Wow! I was particularly struck with your grandmother's tablecloth. My grandmother's crochet and embroidered hand towel is a testimony of the connections made through timeless treasures. In fact, I went into the room my grandmother's creation just to see it again before I completed my thoughts.

    Now, people don't muss with too much regarding home gatherings. It's paper plates and paper table cloths on the best of days. Most people prefer to dine out. I ponder on what we have lost in this hectic world. My view is, too much!

    Thank you Rita and Marianne for sharing this poem. Wow!


  2. very fine poems,congratulations Rita Marie Recine,loved the tablecloth ,keep up the good work love and light,angelee