Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rita Marie Recine & BB King

B.B. King is among the many musicians born in the 1920s, so I thought I'd repost Rita Marie Recine's tribute to him.  I was fortunate enough to see him towards the end of his life, and even though he was sitting in a chair all evening, he gave an inspiring performance.  

A salute to BB King
Remembering 16

From Gospel music to the blues.
To you we salute.
Inducted into the hall of fame
Everyone knew your name.
The Thrill is now gone,
With your legendary music we all have won.

Time to rest.
Playing up in heaven with the best.
Formerly known as the  three kings.
The thrill is  gone.
A salute to BB King .
King of blues and jazz
Among other things

The thrill is  gone,remembering 16
With your music Mr. King we have won.
You were the champion no one can forget
You were the BOSS.
Played guitar with such class
A legend like no other
Remembering 16

A friend  to the music industry.
Your music has touched many lives
Children, father's and mothers
from generation to generation
NO one can replace.
You sang the tune.
Stars, sun , and moon.
remembering 16

Today you play with the best
strumming up above
Janis, Jimi, Elvis to name a few.
Let the good times roll .
in heaven...
The thrill is gone
Remembering 16

As your memory continues day by day
With your music we dance and sway
To have heard your music is  to love.
Similar as the the sweet sound of a dove.
You are the legend .
You are the King of Blues and Jazz
your artistry has made people laugh, dance and sing.

You have sung happy birthday.
A celebration , your creation. Mr. King.

From every walk of life .
From the rich and poor.
from generation to generation
you made the world smile.
Remembering 16
Sir you walk with the Lord.
He rejoices in your melodies.

May we all rejoice in harmony for the thrill on earth may be  gone
remembering 16 , we have won.
Play up in the heavens with all who have crossed over .
Have a rock n roll heaven, with an abundance of blues
Mr BB King thank you for your music , keeping it real 
I believe in forever, Your artistry is genial and will never tarnish,
for  our natural life is truly a one night stand.
Remembering 16
ritamarie recine
May 7, 2016

I'll post a few of BB King's performances.  First, of course, he and Ruth Brown perform "You're the Boss."

I didn't know that another song of his was "Paying the Cost to be the Boss":

I'll include his song "Lucille":

I've always liked his version of "Riding with the King":

Here he plays with not only Eric Clapton but also Stevie Ray Vaughn:

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